Generational Curses

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Generational curses are quite common, destructive and mystifying. A person may have many difficulties in life that medical science cannot seem to help them with and even if they have tried alternative healing techniques, there is no respite from the problems. These kinds of curses cause problems in generation after generation and nobody seems to know what to do about them or that they even exist.

Curses are not difficult to set. You don't have to be a wizard to do it. It is like self-fragmentation with an intention added. A person who wants to curse someone or whole family generationally can do so by self fragmenting themselves with creation energies, adding a curse intention energy to the creation energies and then projecting them with evil intent to harm to the one being cursed. If it's generational, the curse goes down through generations to follow. For each generation that has the curse on it, there is a dark force energy attracted to the projected energies because of the evil intention. The demons exacerbate both the creation and curse intention energies, which have been sent to the cursed one. This is really bad.

I dealt with such a curse about a year ago. A 13-year-old girl named Dottie had many problems: she didn't talk, she had learning disabilities, and she had limited understanding and constant headaches. David's mother, Mabel suspected a generational curse because her mother and grandmother told her that something like that was going on in the family. So, I looked for the curse and found it.

The curse started five generations back on the mother's side of the family. The grandfather of that generation was killed by a spell put on him by women in the mother's side of the family to cause the grandfather to have early dementia, lose his ability to talk and lose his ability to have his body's elimination functions work. They also shot him through the head. The women in the grandfather's side of the family cursed the female offspring of the mother's side of the family to have like trauma as the grandfather had. The original curse was in retaliation for the grandfather forbidding the marriage of his son to a woman in the other side of the family. The curse for some reason skipped one generation but not this one.

I removed the creation energies of the curse, which were: hate, anger and revenge and sent them into the light. I also removed the curse intention energy of grandfather- like ailments for the female offsprings in the other family and sent them all to the light. I also removed the five demons, one for each generation and sent them all into the light and applied the salve of salvation to all the attachment places within Dotty where the departing spirits were anchored to Dottie. Dottie was now free of the creation energies and the curse intention energies put there by the mother's side of the family.

This release of the curse helped not only Dotty, but also all of the other females in Dottie's generation and Mabel's generation and actually all the way back on the mother's side for five generations. All females in the family from five generations back were now cleared of the curses effects and this also applied to future generations.

After about six months, Dottie greatly improved in all of the problems she had been exhibiting. She was beginning to speak, her learning ability was growing, and she seemed to understand much better. In addition her headaches disappeared. It is obvious that speaking, learning, and understanding were similar to the dementia of the five generations back grandfather. The headache, which disappeared, obviously was from the headshot the grandfather suffered and which was transmitted as a headache to Dottie in this generation.

Most people don't believe in curses, but I find them very often in my work and when I clear them, miracles begin to happen in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual problems of the cursed one who is now free.


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