Finding Your Innate Talents

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

     When you are not using your innate talents to run your life and do your work, you are under stress. For both males and females, you cannot be happy and fulfilled with your life if the work you are doing is not consistent with your natural abilities and skills. This stress can cause your psychic immune system to go down and you can be open to entity attachment with all the misery that can bring.

     One of the most important characteristics of the subconscious mind is that it is creative. Your creativity is in your subconscious self. It is not in your conscious mind. Even though we do not know where the subconscious self is for sure, we tend to think it is in the right hemisphere of the brain. This is the feminine side of the brain. All our creativity comes from our feminine self. We are all Yin and Yang in the Chinese tradition. The Yin is feminine and the Yang is masculine. Yin is creative and right brained and Yang is more logical, and usually associated with the left-brain. This sometimes makes some men very upset to hear that all their creative energy is feminine.

     I have found a distinctive way to find out what are a person's unique talents and capabilities and it involves past life regression. Under very deep trance hypnosis, I direct the client's subconscious mind to take them back to three or four different lifetimes when they loved their work, were very successful in doing it and lived a thriving life.

     This is possible because within the subconscious mind are memory banks which contain every event and experience that person had since they separated from source. The subconscious mind is a vast parallel processing, analog super bio-computer and it records, in intimate detail, everything connected with every experience the person ever had including the emotions related to the experience. The subconscious mind and Superconscious mind make up the soul. The Superconscious mind is our connection to divinity and it brings the subconscious mind along with it through every reincarnation to record every lifetime in fine detail in its computer memory.

     Several years ago, I took one of my male clients back through this past life regression experience to find out what he should be doing in this life, as he was not pleased with his occupation even though it paid his bills nicely and he was having severe headaches. After releasing several earthbound spirits that brought the headaches, we went back to three previous lives to find out what his intrinsic talents were. I always ask the subconscious to go back to the earliest lifetime during which the client was happy and successful with their occupation and then move forward in time to subsequent lifetimes exhibiting the same positive characteristics.

     In the first lifetime, he was a Native American herbalist helping people who needed healing. In the second lifetime, he was also a Native American, but a musician…specifically a drummer who helped people of his tribe celebrate, mourn and deal with adversity through the healing sounds of the drum. In the third lifetime, he was a University teacher in England studying and doing research on diseases, especially the Black Death plague.

     In all of these lifetimes there was a common thread running through them… he was drawn to helping and healing others. Because of this work, he began studying alternative medicine and is now beginning to help others as a healer. He continues with his study and practice and is extremely content and in love with his work. With his new occupation, he is in high spirits and the headaches have never returned.


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