Entity Layers

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Once an entity attaches, it opens the door and they can pile up in you!

Foreign energies can and do attach to us when our Psychic Defense System (Guardian Chi) is down. This defense system is lowered when we are very sad, fearful, enraged, fatigued, etc. Moreover, once an energy attaches, a portal or window into us is opened that makes it easy for other energies to attach. These energies establish layers within us that can build up and have to be cleared one layer at a time. If an energy (entity) that already has layers on it attaches to you, then you get that entitys layers also. I have dealt with as many as fourteen layers. Some of my teachers have dealt with as many as thirty. Once entities get onto you, you get the negative energy of all the entities on all the layers. These additive negative energies can totally devastate a person.

If Earthbound Spirits (EBS) attach, they bring the energy of their death and the negative energies of their life to you. For instance, if an EBS had diabetes or heart trouble, was an alcoholic, was chronically depressed, or was a compulsive overeater, those strong tendencies are brought to you. If Demons are also attached, you get the destructive energy of the Dark Force Energies as well. If Soul Mind Fragments (SMF) of either living or dead people are attached, you also get the energy of the disassociations that caused the original fragmentation. All of these negative energies can destroy a life.

John 47 was a Vietnam veteran who had been in and out of hospitals for over twenty five years. He suffered from terrible chronic fatigue, stomach trouble, heart trouble, and recurrent bouts of extreme depression, insomnia, anxiety, and impotence. He took many drugs and had much psychotherapy but without any long-term relief. His life was agony and he had contemplated suicide many times. He was a shattered man.

I told John that I do not treat symptoms - that is the province of the medical profession. I only restore the bodys energy using hypnotherapy. He asked me to try to help him.

John and his close friend were in a foxhole in battle. His friend got his head blown off and immediately went into John because of proximity to John and the fact that John was badly scared and his Guardian Chi was down. Not only did John pick up the EBS of his friend, but also a dead North Vietnamese soldier already attached to his friend and the soldier had a Demon attached to him. John got all of this.

I removed all these layers and John felt much better. He resumed his life free of the major symptoms and was able to return to work within a month. I heard from him once - a year later and he said his life was full and happy. That was over seven years ago.

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