Entities and Past Lives

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


Is it your past life or the entity's?
Doing psychotherapy on your attached entity isn't going to help you!

Entity attachments are frequently the cause of an intractable problem in a persons life. Sometimes entities are just part of the problem and not the source of the problem and the therapist has to go beyond the entities to reach the root. However, even if the entities are not the source, they must be removed before you can get at the root forcing function of the problem, as entity attachment is a barrier to reaching the subconscious self.

Linda, 47 years old had been suffering from chronic fatigue all her life. She could not ever remember not being tired, even as a small child. She said she tried everything: medicine--supplements-- psychotherapy, etc. without relieving the fatigue. She came to me as a last resort as most of my clients do. I told her, as I always tell my clients, that I do not work on any specific condition because I'm not a licensed healthcare provider but that I would try to help her using hypnotherapy.

I always check for entities first because if they are present, no other therapy can be effective until the entities are released. Often, removing the entities solves the problem because if the entity brought the problem, when it leaves, the problem leaves with it. I removed three layers of earthbound spirits and a demon from Linda, but the fatigue did not leave even though all of the earthbound spirits in life had chronic fatigue and the demon was using the earthbound spirits to wreck havoc in this woman's life. However, once she was free of the entities I could get to her subconscious self and explore further.

Using her chronic fatigue in a bridge induction, I was able to access a past life in which she was a male warrior and had been speared through the chest with all of his lifeblood (life energy) pouring out of him. Using hypnotic re-framing techniques, I pulled the spear out of him and repaired the wound stopping the flow of lifeblood energy. I then embedded a new program in the subconscious that related her fatigue in this life to the flow of lifeblood out of him in the past life and that the fatigue condition in this life did not exist because it never happened because of the past re-framing.

When I brought Linda out of hypnosis, she immediately felt more energized. Over the next few weeks, her chronic fatigue totally disappeared and she felt better than she ever felt in her entire life. That was six years ago and she still feels good.

In this case, the entities were attracted to Linda because of her fatigue and brought with them their negative energy contributing to her problem, but were not the source of her problem. The reason all her past therapies were unsuccessful was that the source problem was hidden behind the entity barrier and it had to be removed before any effective work could be done.

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