Energy, Entities & Hypnotherapy:
The Technology

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Why is it that so many ill people try so many different healing approaches and don't get better? The answer is that their life force energy (chi) may be blocked or restricted. Most of us do not realize that our mental, emotional and physical health depends on the flow of (chi) to the cell communities of our bodies and if it is blocked or restricted, we can have problems. The blocks are caused by negative forcing functions (negative energy generators) in our subconscious self that distort our body's energy field and install and reinforce negative programs on our subconscious computer's "hard drive". These negative forcing functions are: "bad things" that happened to us in this life, past lives, unresolved internal conflicts, genetic carryovers from our ancestors and from foreign energy attachments, as in Spirit Possession.

The programs on your subconscious "hard drive", determine how you behave, feel and respond to life. To change these requires that the programs be changed. This can only be done effectively by first finding and eliminating the negative energy that is reinforcing your bad programs and then positively reprogramming your subconscious "hard drive". Then change happens and it is permanent. If there are any foreign energies (spirits) attached to you they must first be removed before other work is done because foreign energy attachments restrict access to the internal subconscious.

Think of this as a virus infecting your computer and preventing your programs from running properly. If a spirit is attached to a person, no therapy can be very effective until that energy is released. This works much the same way as installing new software programs. They will not work properly until the virus is removed. Either the attached spirits are causing the problems or they are preventing accessing the subconscious self. Earthbound spirits bring their death energy and life problems with them. When the spirits leaves, whatever came with them also leaves.

When the subconscious computer's hard drive is clean, free from viruses, Trojan Horses or spy ware, the computer is able to be programmed with software that will allow you to tap the full potential of that computer. This is much the way that the human mind works.

So, how do we get our subconscious computer's hard drive clean? The answer is that we must find a competent hypnotherapist who knows how to deal with not only, the internal self using Parts Therapy, Regression Therapy including Past Life Regression, Gestalt Therapy and other hypnotherapies, but also knows how to detect, find and remove attached spirit energies. If your hypnotherapist doesn't do these things … save your money because you won't get permanent change.

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