Energy, Chi, Feeling Good and Hypnotherapy

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


 What does all this say about alleviating human misery?

The great Henry David Thoreau said, "most men live lives of quiet desperation," and he was right. So many people go through life feeling lousy, never feeling good. Amongst the elderly, so many are miserable experiencing their golden years in pain and despair. In Kazanzakis' "Zorba The Greek," the old woman when asked how she felt replied, "When you are old, you never feel well." Does this miserable state of existence have to be? Well, if we only understood what makes us feel good and bad, then maybe we could do something to correct the situation.

We feel good when our Life Force is free to run through us and nourish all the cells in our body. All the cell communities in our bodies require 3 things to be healthy - nutrition, oxygen and the Life Force called Chi by the Chinese, Prana by the Hindus, Orgone by the Germans, Manna by the Polynesians, Ka by the Egyptians, Ki by the Japanese. All cultures recognize the existence of this force and its effect on health, happiness and longevity. Usually, we get enough food and oxygen for health, but keeping the Chi flowing unimpeded through our bodies to nourish all the cells is something else.

There are invisible energy channels within our bodies through which the Life Force (Chi) flows. The Chinese call them Chi Meridians. There are also seven Energy Centers in our bodies, which convert the Chi into the specific kind of energy required by the different parts of our body. These converters or transformers are what the Hindus call the Chakras. Each Chakra is centered on one of the seven glands in our endocrine system. The Hindus say that the Prana (Chi) comes into our bodies on the breath the Chinese say it comes from the sky, the earth, our food and some of it from our parents. However it comes in, it must flow uninterrupted to our cells to keep us feeling good.
If the transformed Chi flows from our Chakras into our Chi Meridians and thence to the different cell communities in our bodies in sufficient volume to allow the cells to regenerate and clone themselves as perfect cells, we are healthy and feel good. If the flow of Chi is reduced or cut off to the cell communities, we get sick and feel bad.
That is how it works!

What causes the flow of Chi to be impeded are blocks or resistances to the flow, which are formed by a distortion of our bodys energy field when lifes experiences cause errant programming (negative forcing functions) to develop in our subconscious mind. When this happens, the flow of Chi is diminished or stopped and those cell communities depending on the Chi no longer clone as perfect cells and begin to clone as defective cells. When this happens, we begin to feel less than perfect. If the blockage continues for an extended time, the cell communities dependent on the blocked Chi begin to dysfunction and disease happens.

Since the problem is in the subconscious, you must go into it to find the problem and release it so that it will no longer cause the energy field distortion and result in blocks to the flow of Chi. The only healing modality that can reach the subconscious mind is Hypnotherapy. Using Hypnotherapy, the forcing function can be uncovered and released which corrects the bodys energy field and the blocks disappear - allowing the Chi to flow unimpeded again to the cells and health is restored.

The Chinese knew this, thousands of years ago but they did not know how to get into the subconscious mind. However, they did know how to develop physical techniques, which could open up the Chi Meridians when they were blocked and they did so with Acupuncture and Tai Chi and herbs. Acupuncture uses needles stuck into the Chi Meridians at key points where the blocks usually occur and this temporarily opens the blocks. Tai Chi is an exercise, which also opens the energy channels. Tai Chi, because of its movements, also produces grace and beauty and strengthens the joints and ligaments with no side effects. Other cultures use Allopathic Medicine, Chiropractic, Yoga, Massage, Exercise, etc. to temporarily remove the energy blocks.

So, what does all this say about alleviating human misery? Just this if you have problems, some of your Chi channels are probably closed. You can correct this by getting rid of the forcing function in the subconscious mind with Hypnotherapy and permanently restore the uninterrupted flow of Chi in the body or you can have Acupuncture or do Tai Chi or one of the other clearing techniques to temporarily clear the blocks to energy flow. As long as you keep the energy channels free, you will feel good and stay healthy.

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