Earthbound Spirit Rescues

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Earthbound Spirits bring to you the energy of their death and the negative stuff from their lives.
They can make you sick in body and mind. You must get rid of them to heal!

Most people and most therapists have no idea of the impact of Spirit Possession on health. Dr. Edith Fiorre, PhD, a clinical psychologist and author of several books, among them The Unquiet Dead has stated that Earthbound Spirits of the dead cause 80% of our illnesses. I believe this to be true and have devoted the past 10 years, along with other things hypnotic, studying, developing and perfecting a method of Spirit Releasement, which appears to work quite well. My Spirit Releasement work is an amalgamation of Dr. Fiorre's work and the works of Dr. W. Baldwin, Dr. Irene Hickman, Dr. Fred Leidecker and Dr. Carl Carpenter.

I usually find that an Earthbound Spirit (or spirits, since I usually find more than one) want to be rescued from the uncomfortable situation they are in. I help them do that and usually have great success quickly and quietly. Most of the spirits that I rescue are physical, detectable energies, usually lost souls who do not understand their condition. Some do not realize they are dead, and now they have settled into an area that feels comfortable to them. Other common types of spirits (not discussed here) are Demons and Soul Mind Fragments.

Some of us attract spirits because we are emotionally weak and do not protect ourselves. Other spirits find a healer or, someone who can help them. In the first instance the victim will usually be emotionally stressed, experience anger and fear, and probably have migraines. These conditions all develop energy that can attract the Earthbound Spirit. Alcoholics, drug users and people who have been traumatized make excellent vehicles for spirits. Any trauma that weakens a person to the point of not wanting to be responsible for himself makes that person a good candidate for spirit interference. Earthbound Spirits bring with them the energy of their death and the negative energy of their life. Good physical, emotional and spiritual health is the best protection from possession.

Many people who attract spirits are healers. They do not realize that responsibility has been bestowed on them. It is a fact that at least 30% of the public are healers. In most old cultures, this was understood and healers were made aware of their responsibility while still young. I believe this current problem with spirits is because we, as a society, do not understand this phenomenon and in fact deny its existence, mostly because of fear.

Who knows if all I'm saying here is the whole truth. I can only say that many positive changes occur when I use this procedure on those affected. I can tell you that if Earthbound Spirits caused the problem, and I release them, the problem is quickly resolved.

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