Dual Regression

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Quite often people come to see me when they're contemplating marriage to get my opinion on whether or one not they will be happy together. I tell them the only way I can be of assistance to them would be to regress them to previous lifetimes when they were married, and see how they did in those lifetimes. Obviously the people I'm speaking with have to believe in reincarnation and past lifetimes or they won't take seriously whatever we find. It is surprising that in our Western society so many people believe in past lives.

What I suggest to these people is that I should do a dual regression on them, taking them both back to at least three lifetimes when they were married and see what kind of lifetimes those were for them. That is, whether they were happy or miserable. Actually, I do this quite often, and it is quite surprising the results we get. If past lifetimes indeed exist, then this should be a good way to find out how these two personalities would fare together in a married relationship in this lifetime. I happen to believe in past lifetimes and in reincarnation, as do three quarters of the people in the world.

The process of dual regression involves having the two participants sit or lie close to one another holding hands. I then unite their chakras. This is important so that they both go back to the same lifetime. I then put them both into deep hypnotic trance. Stage V trance is required because true regression requires the ability to hallucinate, and only in stage V can hallucinations be obtained. Stage V is a relatively deep hypnotic state and not all people can get into stage V, so I usually do some depth testing procedures on them to find out whether or not they are stage V capable. When I'm sure that they can reach the required depth, I put them both into deep trance hypnosis and begin the process.

Let me illustrate this process by a describing what happened recently with a couple that came to me to find out how they would do if they were married. They were contemplating marriage in the near future. For the sake of clarity, the man's name was Don and the girl's name was Mary. These were not their real names to protect their anonymity. In each of the regressions below, I use these names rather than the names they had in the past life to avoid confusion.

I figured if I took them back to three lifetimes when they were married and saw how those lifetimes turned out for them that we would have a good idea about how this one might turn out. So that's what I did.

Past Dual Lifetime Number One:

In this lifetime Don was a bricklayer and Mary was a housewife. They had two children, a girl and a boy. Don did not make much money as a bricklayer and Mary was unhappy about her life, principally because of the financial problems. This lifetime took place in the 1930's. Don resorted to drinking heavily and Mary became an adulterer. They ended up getting a divorce, the children were unhappy and the couple was unhappy. They both got married again to other people, and were unhappy in those relationships also. They both lived relatively long lives and died feeling unfulfilled.

Past Dual Lifetime Number Two:

In this lifetime Mary was a schoolteacher and Don was a mechanic. Mary was quite religious and Don was not. This caused a lot of problems between the two of them. In addition, Mary felt that Don's educational level was inferior to hers and she disrespected him. Don felt the disrespect and took to drinking and seeing other women. They ended up being divorced. Fortunately they didn't have any children, so the children didn't have to suffer the divorce. Neither ever married again and both died relatively young, having lived unhappy lives.

Past Dual Lifetime Number Three:

In this lifetime Don was an accountant and Mary was a housewife. They had three children. The children did well in school and Mary became deeply involved in a golf country club that Don belonged to. Don loved to golf and spent most of his leisure time on the golf links. Mary didn't like golf and didn't like the fact that Don was gone so much and so she nagged him about it. Her nagging only drove him to spend more time on the golf links. In addition he began to drink quite heavily and got involved with several women who were also members of the country club. Mary discovered his involvement with these women and confronted him with it and he said that he didn't care because he was very unhappy with her. He thought that she should be golfing with him instead of criticizing him for golfing so much. This kind of argument led to many altercations between them and they finally ended up getting divorced. Fortunately they did not have any children, so the children didn't have to suffer the divorce. Don remarried twice and was not happy in either marriage. Mary remarried once and was unhappy in that relationship. They died relatively young feeling unfulfilled and like life had cheated them.

When I finished with the three regressions on Don and Mary, I brought them out of hypnosis, disunited their chakras and we discussed the three regressions that they had shared. They both decided that they were not going to marry one another and they ended up not doing so.

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