Don't Give Up - My Own Story

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

My journey from misery to healing using Hypnotherapy

I thought I was dying. I could not get my breath and my head spun. My heart pounded as if it was going to explode. But most of all it was the cold grip of fear enveloping me. Please God, help me! This was the panic attack I lived with daily. I also could not sleep, often-going sleepless 4-5 days in a row from a sleep disorder called Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). My blood pressure soared astronomically and I waited for the stroke.

I went to medical doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists finding little help. Three sleep clinics and countless doctors put me on sleep drugs to which I became addicted and had to suffer withdrawal agony repeatedly. Psychotropic drugs for panic attacks, and beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors and calcium channel blockers for hypertension. Ending up in the hospital emergency on nights when the fear engulfed me beyond my ability to cope. This was how I lived, if you could call it living.

With all this, I still had to make a living. In spite of these problems, I advanced in my jobs, becoming vice president of a major defense electronics firm and responsible for $300 million a year in Anti Submarine Warfare Systems. In this job, I had to conduct meetings, travel extensively, make presentations to high-ranking government officials in Washington, DC and be on my toes in this very competitive business. I was finding it increasingly difficult to cope with my job responsibilities.

The sleep problem ultimately became so bad that I reluctantly quit this job and moved to Atlanta to become a consultant to the government and aerospace companies. I figured a consultant could set his own hours and I might live with my affliction. I had saved enough money for a good investment income and felt secure, financially.

I had not been in Atlanta a year when the stock market and a crooked broker cleaned me out and I was in serious debt. Panic attacks, terrible insomnia, severe hypertension, almost broke, in debt and without a job. So much for security! I had to go back to work and to do that I had to improve my health or I would die.

After another session in the hospital de-tox to get off Xanax taken for sleep and panic attacks, I went for a year with intense panic attacks and sleep deprivation. I now realized I had to change things or I could not continue to live, much less work. That's when I discovered Holistic Medicine and Hypnotherapy.

My metaphysically oriented wife found a chiropractor who used gemstones in healing and she wanted me to try him as I wasn't getting anywhere with the treatment I was receiving. I was a conventional businessman and technologist, with a Ph.D. in Engineering and an MBA in business. I thought this "voodoo" treatment was ridiculous and wouldn't have it, preferring to find an accepted solution. However, I just couldn't get there. The problems persisted in spite of the best efforts of my allopathic doctors.

Despair finally drove me to try the gem stone chiropractor and for some reason I didn't understand, I felt better, more relaxed. Therefore, I continued to see him and began to investigate other holistic therapies because of my curiosity about what I was feeling from some crazy stones on my body.

The change I felt from the gem stone therapy, although positive was very subtle, so I looked for stronger therapies. Over the next few years, in addition to chiropractic, I tried Christian Science, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Cerebral Spinal Fluid Therapy, Chinese Energetic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Herbal Therapy, Peruvian Shamanism, Soul Retrieval, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Rebirthing, Body Electronics, Yoga, Massage, Hypnotherapy and finally Hypnotherapy with Spirit Releasement. All the therapies helped some, but Hypnotherapy with Spirit Releasement finally put me on the road to true healing. Over time, my panic attacks stopped, I slept better and my blood pressure normalized with very small doses of medicine.

During this time, I realized I could feel Chi energy flowing in the body and sense energy blockages. I remembered my Grandmother could do this and I must have inherited it from her. So impressed was I with the change in my health using Holistic Medicine that I began to treat others with Shiatsu, a technique for opening blockages in the body's energy pathways and was successful in temporarily alleviating some miseries. I read voraciously and soon realized that I was only working on symptom release and not healing the source problem. I remembered what Hypnotherapy had done for me and thought it might improve my Shiatsu energy work.

So, I began to study and use Hypnotherapy, because it is the only healing modality allowing direct access to the subconscious wherein is buried all the causes for illness. I became Board Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) in Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy and soon after studied and became proficient in Spirit Releasement Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy and Parts Therapy. Adding these Hypnotherapies to my energy clearing capability proved to be very successful in allowing me to help people with all kinds of problems. People began coming to me when they ran out of options with other healing modalities and I was usually able to help them.

So, what does all this mean? To me it means that when conventional allopathic medicine cannot solve your problems, look to the addition of holistic therapies to adjunct your treatment. I think Hypnotherapy is the most powerful holistic therapy there is, especially when used in a complimentary role to conventional allopathic medicine, but most of the other holistic therapies also help.

The stresses of making a living in a very competitive society can be almost overwhelming to some people and they may feel there is no way out --- but there is. Remember that every night has a dawn, and every dawn is a new beginning of life. Never, ever give up!


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