Do It All, Or Get Nothing

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, BCH, FNGH, CI, MCCHt


The dangers of stopping too soon.

Jonathan, 42, came to see me about 4 years ago asking me to help him. For many years, he had been suffering with severe pain all over his body, and his body was covered with lumps. He had been to many medical doctors over the years without much success in getting rid of the problem and had been taking pain medication, but did not like to take medication all the time. I told him that I did not treat medical conditions because I was not a physician and did not practice medicine. He said he understood and just wanted to see if hypnotherapy could help him.

Jonathan had three layers of earthbound spirits on him. All the earthbound spirits had pain all over their bodies at death and one of them had lumps all over its body at death. All had been severely beaten before they died. The one with lumps was beaten with a poll about 2 in. in diameter leaving lumpy ridges over his entire body. I got all the earthbound spirits to leave and then discovered a layer of Demonics below the earthbound spirits.

In speaking to the Demonics, I found that they used the earthbound spirits to cause Jonathan's suffering as attaching spirits bring with them the energy of their death and the negative energy of their life. I finally got rid of the Demonics, and the lumps and pain rapidly disappeared.

Now that the forcing functions (entities) were gone, it was necessary to reprogram his subconscious so that his behavior and response to life would change because the forcing function programs control these things. Reprogramming usually takes three sessions after the person is clear. Sometimes, getting rid of the entities does not totally clear the person and therapy on the self is required to clear the self before reprogramming can take place. In any case, it is an absolute must to clear all entities because the subconscious self cannot be reached if entities are present. Jonathan felt so good after clearing the entities that he did not come back for reprogramming because he did not want to spend any more money.

I did not hear from him again for two years and then he called me in dismay complaining that the lumps and pain were back. I explained to him that he had not let me complete the work on him so we would have to start over again. This is because if the old forcing function programs were not removed and replaced with new positive programs, which negate the old programs, the old programs will re-create a forcing function to reinforce it and the original condition re-establishes.

Jonathan's actions were penny-wise and pound-foolish.


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