Demons and Death

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

I just hung up the phone after listening to a guy in New England tell me in great detail about the scary things that are happening to him, his fiancée and his friends. From what he said, they are all under extreme attack from dark force energies, better known as demons or devils. They begged me to help them and I agreed to do a remote clearing to remove the dark force energies from them. These energies were causing several of them to act crazy, like cutting themselves, threatening to kill themselves and others to scream hysterically and roll around on the floor spewing blood from their mouths. This sounds bazaar, but it happens quite often. They were all extremely frightened and didn't know what to do so they called me because one of them happened across my website and remembered that I dealt with things like this.

The first thing I did was to tell them all to take warm relaxing baths in Epson Salts and I sent them helpful healing energy until I could do a remote clearing on them.

Demons get into most of us regularly because our psychic defense system (Guardian Chi) is down and there's nothing to stop them. They are attracted to our light. The light of God's love that dwells in every human being. The purpose and function of demons is to destroy the light of God on earth. Different people have different strengths of God's light within them. The demons are more drawn to those with the strongest lights. As soon as the Guardian Chi goes down from stress, demons jump in to destroy the person, literally kill them in some way. The preferred way is to get them depressed enough so they kill themselves because those don't go into the light right away but become earthbound spirits whom the dark energies can then use to destroy other people.

Sometimes the demons bring in earthbound spirits (EB's) of depressed people who bring the energy of their death and all the negative energy of their life to the attached one. The demons don't have to use EB's, they can depress the person by themselves and they do that often but EB's are more preferred because they bring more bad stuff to the attached one. Demons also kill people by making their lives so negative that they get deadly illnesses, or become accident prone and die in car crashes and airplane crashes or fall off a cliff or get murdered or do something bad so that the state executes them, etc. There are many ways demons can destroy a person and thus their light.

When I do a remote, I'm given the number of demons that are in the client on the layers of consciousness I'm clearing and how many are in specific parts of the body. When demons are in specific places, they are destroying the cells in those places. When you have a lot of demons, for instance, in the heart, you're probably going to get heart trouble. When there are a lot of them in the kidneys, you'll probably die from kidney problems and so on. Usually there are a lot of demons in many areas and organs of the body at the same time so you are at risk all over. When I clear demons from the body, the bodies' energy system improves dramatically.

During a remote clearing I also clear foreign Soul Mind Fragment's of people living or dead, self-fragments, curses and spells, earthbound spirits, alien energies, and past life negative energies. Usually however, these have less influence on the body's energy field then do the demons so clearing demons is paramount. When I clear all the contaminated layers of consciousness, the Guardian Chi is restored and the clients' protection system operates again. When I am in the clearing process, I protect the client from new negative energy with a temporary energy field.


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