Demonology 101

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, BCH, FNGH, CI, MCCHt

Demons want to destroy you. That's their job!

Demons are the second most prevalent entity I encounter in my practice. Earthbound spirits are the most prevalent. You can tell when you are dealing with a demon because they want to cause pain, misery destruction and death. They tell you so. God created demons just like everybody else, but demons went a different path (free will). Demons can come onto a person when the persons psychic defense system (Guardian Chi) is low. Demons are attracted by a persons light (innate energy) or by the negative energy the person is putting out.

If a person comes into this world with a great light to accomplish much good, this makes them a target of the demons that want to extinguish that light. If a person is very sad, angry, fearful or full of hate, that energy is a beacon to Demonics and they want to join that person as a kindred spirit. Once the demon is attached, it exacerbates the negative feeling, and then uses that strong negative feeling to produce more negativity in the world.

Carla, 37 came to see me because she had been in 6 major automobile accidents in 4 months. In each accident, she very nearly lost her life. Because of these experiences, she was afraid to drive and her job required that she travel by car. Since the accidents started, she experienced panic every time she got into the car. She was in a real quandary and quite frightened. She asked me for help, not knowing anybody else she could go to.

Under deep trance hypnosis, I spoke to a demon within her who told me that he was going to kill her and had tried to do so in the accidents. The demon said it wanted to extinguish her light as it was very strong and it had the assignment to get rid of her. It said it would continue until it accomplished its end. I finally got the demon to leave Carla and she has not had another accident since then. That was over two years ago. Since the Releasement, Carla says she is very comfortable driving and has no problem doing so.

Typically, Demons are afraid of the light and will not go near it, but many have told me that they eat a persons light as food to get the lights power without having the light directly on them. They do not like the light on them, believing it will destroy them. Releasing a demon involves getting them to see their own light within themselves, which transforms them from beings of darkness into beings of light. Then they can go to the light and, once there, they never return.

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