Daniel's Problems Helped By Remote Work

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, BCH, FNGH, CI, MCCHt

A young man named Daniel, about 41 years old, came to see me sometime in the recent past. He had a host of complaints: amongst which were the following: he had entity visits at night, while sleeping, which entered his body at all points but were mostly attracted to his genitals and his face; he said he had implants in his left nostril and he had them removed by another therapist several times, but the implants kept coming back; he gets frequent nosebleeds and headaches; he has a high-energy flutter when he tries to meditate or gets into an altered state; the flutter vibration energy is audible and interferes with his clarity and peripheral vision; he has pain in his left hip area and in left leg which goes down to his left ankle.

I told him that I couldn't treat any of the conditions that he has because I am not a licensed practitioner. I am a master clinical hypnotherapist and what I do is clear his layers of consciousness of negative energy which restores the flow of life force energy to the cell communities of his body; I ask the healing energy of God to repair the cell damage caused by the negative energy in the layer of consciousness on which I'm working, and then I reprogram his subconscious mind with positive programs. This often has very salubrious effects on the way people feel. He said that he hadn't had any success with other treatments and would like to try my work anyway and so I agreed.

Using my remote techniques with a surrogate and two psychic protectors, the following is what I found and did in about three hours work.

We found halo around his head that was bright white. We got the impression that he was a great spiritual healer and that he had ascended in his past lifetime in 1402 when he died. He is now in a different body chosen for the genetics, and his 1402 body is still on the astral level. He had five alien energies distributed in his present body because they knew of his ascended body and they are checking him out. In fact, they said they checked out his every lifetime since 1402 and he has had 15 lifetimes since then. He is now in his 393rd incarnation. The aliens said they were from the Milky Way galaxy 17 light years from Earth. They said that the implants caused a flutter and vibrations that are audible to him. I asked the aliens leave and take the implants with them. They agreed if he promised to contact them on his next ascension. I told them that he would do so, and I told Daniel that he must promise to do so and then they will leave and take their implants with them.

We found five demons in his body. One in his head, two in this heart-lung area, one in the stomach and intestines, and one in his pelvic area near his left hip effecting his leg down to his feet. We removed them because they were sapping his energy and exacerbating all of the negative physical and mental characteristics coming from the earthbound spirit in his groin area and his past life in 1942.

We found an earthbound spirit in Daniel's groin area. The earthbound spirit was named Don who died in England in 1713 of syphilis at the age of 23. His father had thrown out him on the street at age 12 and Don had to fend for himself when his father caught him masturbating. The father, very religious, thought Don was possessed by the devil. His mother Maria was powerless to intercede for Don. She was downtrodden and abused and afraid of father John. The mother died in childbirth at the age of 36 after Don's sister Betsy was born. Don had two siblings, both female, Loretta and Betsy. Don lived by stealing. He was in a gang of 20 thieves and he lived in a tunnel under a bridge. The gang had a female component that helped in the thievery. John was intimate with many of the girls and caught venereal diseases from several of them. The last one was syphilis from Teresa. Don was usually depressed and very angry. He was beaten badly in many fights and sustained a broken collarbone, broken left leg and had 3 fingers of his left hand torn off. He also had three concussions of his skull brain-area.

Daniel also had a past life that came through in the remote and in this lifetime Daniel was also named Daniel and he died in 1942 in a German gas chamber. He came from a large family and was the love of his mother's life. Daniel was taken along with his mother, father, grandparents, two aunts, four siblings and one uncle to a death camp and was gassed, along with his family when he was 34 years old because they were Jews. His father was a watchmaker and Daniel sought to be like his father for his work. He was still in training when the Nazis came for them. Daniel never married, but had several girls he was fond of, but none were serious relationships. His father, also named Daniel Abraham, was always after Daniel to marry but it did not happen.

I heard from Daniel about three weeks after the remote and he told me he was feeling much better in all areas but he was still was experiencing some flutter energy. I thought this might be because because the ETs had not left yet but I could not be sure because Daniel didn't return to see me. However, the fact that he was relieved of most of his other ailments that he complained about was very good news and showed that the remote had a very positive effect on his life.

I really don't know if alien energies exist or not. I encounter them occasionally in my work. However, if they exist or not, and their removal gives the subconscious a reason to relieve symptoms, that is good enough.

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