Anxiety and Stress

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Anxiety and stress have their origin in the subconscious mind. You must go there to release the energy sources causing the anxiety and stress. Unless you do, the anxiety and resulting stress continue unabated.

Anxiety is normal when you are confronted with an uncertain situation. The insecurity causes stress and stress is a normal part of daily life. Stress is actually the fuel our minds need to function. Many people come to me complaining of being constantly anxious without any obvious cause. In many cases, they are taking anti-anxiety medications and some of them suffer from side effects. Medical Doctors and Psychiatrists prescribe these medications to help anxiety sufferers get through stressful situations, but many end up taking the drugs on a long-term basis because the anxiety is always there. Using hypnotherapy, I help people find and eliminate their anxiety sources so they dont have to continue taking medication forever.

Bad things that have happened to us in this life, a past life, unresolved internal conflicts, biological carryovers from our ancestors and attached foreign energies can cause anxiety without apparent cause. These bad things form energy sources called Negative Forcing Functions (NFF) and they reside in the subconscious mind. Under hypnosis, it is possible to enter the sacred realm of the subconscious, find the energy sources causing the anxiety, and release them.

NFFs actually do two things to us. They distort the bodys energy field so that the flow of life force (Chi, Prana) is blocked and they also install and continuously reinforce negative programs in our subconscious computers hard drive. The integration of all our internal programs determine how we feel and how we behave. You cannot simply reprogram the subconscious and expect respite without first releasing the internal negative energy source supporting the negative programs manifesting your anxiety.

An example: Fragmentation is a disassociate survival coping mechanism of the mind that protects sanity. Children tend to fragment easily under stressful situations like fear. The fragment, sometimes called an ego state is frozen in time at the fragmentation age and submerged into the subconscious. The conscious mind is not aware of the fragment, but the energy affects the person throughout his life. He still responds to the fear and feels anxious even though there is no apparent cause for fear in his life now. The inner child fragment is still afraid and the fear energy of the child is still affecting the grown man. Under hypnosis the fragment can be found and its energy released so it no longer can affect feeling and behavior and, with new programming, the anxiety response is gone.

Similar appropriate release techniques can be employed to eliminate other negative energy sources and release anxiety. The only caveat is that if there is an attached entity, it must first be released or else you cannot get to the internal negative energy source. In many cases, the entity itself is the anxiety source and its removal releases the anxiety. me people struggle with the same problems for years, maybe even for a lifetime. No matter what they do, they cannot seem to get rid of it. Physical or mental illness, persistent rotten luck, procrastination, continually failing at whatever you try to do, bad marriages over and over again, constant money problems, relationship difficulties, etc. Things just dont seem to work out, no matter how hard you try. Sometimes, you get some respite for a while. You take another course, read another inspirational book, see another new doctor, try a new therapy, move to a different city, change your spouse or go on yet another diet. Maybe things get better for a while, but it usually doesnt last. After a while, the same old stuff reappears and you are back to where you started or even worse. Why is this so and what can we do about it?

Sometimes the problems stem from our environment. You were born poor or handicapped or sick; never got an education; your parents were bad or non-existent, etc. However, even in these situations, we can always see examples of people who overcame the handicaps of a bad environment and became competent happy people with great lives. If you really try, you can overcome all these impediments because within you are all the knowledge needed to solve your problems God made us that way. In France, there is a church, which has an inscription on its door that says, Our shoulders were measured at birth for the burdens we must bear. This means there is nothing within us that we cannot overcome.

So, why is it that good, intelligent, strong, sincere people cannot get out from under the terrible problems with which they struggle incessantly? Maybe it is because the problems they are struggling with are not theirs the problems belong to someone else! Even though the problems affect their lives, the person is essentially a victim of circumstance the problem is not really theirs only the unfortunate effects are! How can this be? Arent we always told that we create our own reality, that there are no victims, that we are totally responsible for ourselves? Yes and No!

This is how it works. We are responsible for ourselves. That is a fact. We are completely responsible for protecting ourselves from the intrusion of negative energies and responsible for not attracting them to our energy fields. We have a psychic defense system just like we have a physical immune system. The physical system protects us from germs, viruses and other pathogens, which would invade our bodies and cause us to be sick. Our psychic defense system protects us from negative energies, which can attach to us just like a pathogen can. The Chinese call this psychic protection system, the Guardian Chi. The same kinds of things that cause our physical immune system to get weak, also weaken our psychic system. Rage, sadness, fear, doubt, despair and other negative emotions weaken both systems.

If we have a weak physical immune system, we dont want to be going out to places where we can pick up germs and viruses because we will probably get sick. If we have a weak psychic immune system, we do not want to be putting out negative thoughts, which are energy, because the negativity in us will attract like negative energy. In the case of negative energy, like attracts like. That is how it works!

An earthbound spirit is the disembodied consciousness of someone who has died and not gone to the light. Spirits of deceased people do not always see the light, which we all hear about. For instance, if the dead person died under very traumatic circumstances, like being murdered, in an airplane crash, a car wreck, shot in a war or just fell off a cliff, the chances are pretty good that they will not see the light and will wander. Others who may not see the light are those who die in great pain under the influence of heavy drug sedation. How do I know this? The earthbound spirits tell me during Spirit Releasement Therapy.

If your psychic immune system is down and you are negative in your thinking, you are open and can attract like negative energies. An earthbound spirit who finds your energy attractive can attach to you. Likewise, a demonic entity drawn by your negative thinking may take the opportunity to attach to you. You could also pick up the disassociated soul-mind fragment of someone alive as an attachment. Whatever you pick up as an attachment brings its energy with it.

In the case of an earthbound spirit, the entity brings you the energy of its death and the negative energy of its life. If it had heart trouble, an addiction, was depressed, a persistent failure, a compulsive overeater, had relationship problems or was consumed by rage and hate -- it brings that energy to you. You will now have a strong tendency to have the same problems as the entity. Like so with a soul-mind fragment attachment. The horrific energy, causing the disassociation is in the fragment and it comes to you. If the entity is demonic, the demon will strive to make you miserable, do things not in your best interest, cause you mental and physical pain and anguish, and destroy you.

The only way out of these conditions is to remove the entities --- there is no other way. While the entities are attached, they are forcing functions in the subconscious mind continuously embedding their negative programs in your subconscious self and no therapy can be effective until the entities are removed. Sometimes the entities will leave by themselves, but you cannot remove them by yourself. Someone skilled in dealing with these energies must remove them. Once removed, the subconscious self can be accessed and therapy will now be effective to change the persons life.


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