Another Beautiful Remote Clearing

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


My practice consists of a lot of remote clearing work because many people who need my work are far away and cannot afford either the time or money to come and see me in person. The remote clearing process takes between 3 to 5hours and includes three to five of us consisting of my trained and cleared surrogate, my protectoress and myself. I call the person who ordered the remote to report what we found and cleared after the process is completed. To do the remote, I need a picture of the subject with date of birth, full birth name and location of the subject when we will do the remote. A mailing address is sufficient. It takes a several days for me to line up my group before doing the remote. After we agree on a remote, I will tell the remote ordering person when we can do it. I must clear my surrogate before every remote to avoid contamination of the results.

When we do remotes, we can usually access between two and three layers of consciousness and clear these layers. When I see a client in person, I can only clear one layer of consciousness per 2-hour session. The reason I can clear more layers of consciousness during a remote is that I don't have to deal with the conscious mind of the client, and that makes it easier and possible to go deeper. However, in private sessions, I can also reprogram the subconscious self. I cannot do reprogramming with remotes. The negative symptoms of the client result from the diminution of the flow of Life Force Energy (Chi) to the cell communities of the body caused by negative forcing functions in the subconscious self. Negative Forcing Functions are bad things that have happened in this or past lives, unresolved internal conflicts, genetic carry-overs from ancestors or the attachment of foreign energies. All of these distort the body's energy field and reduce the flow of chi through the energy meridians of the body. The negative symptom is not the source of the problem, but rather is the somatic expression of the chi blockage.

The energies causing the negative symptoms may be distributed over many layers of consciousness. Sometimes we are fortunate when we do a remote in that the energy causing the person's negative symptoms is in the layers of consciousness we can reach during a remote. Unfortunately, because the energy causing the negative somatic symptoms can be distributed over many layers of consciousness and if we don't reach all of those layers during the remote, we don't get rid of the presenting problems and the person ordering the remote is often disappointed that we haven't rid the client of their problems. However, we have still released the negative energy in the cleared layers and the client is better for it. There's no way I can know how many layers of consciousness containing the problem energy is distributed and so we have to keep clearing layers until we get rid of all of the negative energy. Once we get all the layers clear, we can reprogram the subconscious self and permanent change occurs.

Sometimes the difficulty experience by the client, for whom we are doing the remote, has the negative energy source(s) in the first two or three lawyers of consciousness. When this is so, the symptoms get much better right away or simply disappear forever. A case in point is Ann (not her real name, of course). Ann lives far across the country and recently called me about a serious problem she had with Crohn's disease. This is a terrible condition and was making her life miserable.

Crohn's disease causes intense fatigue, terrible pain in the intestines, massive diarrhea, and many other digestive and body disturbances. Ann asked me if I could help her remotely. I told her that in one remote we could clear a few layers and get the Chi flowing into the cell communities of her body but that we cannot treat any disease or condition because we are not medical doctors. Nevertheless, she asked me if I would do a remote on her to clear her chi channels and I agreed. The following is the email I received from her a short time after the remote was completed.

"Dear Dr. Skillas:
     It has been 4 days since the remote session. I cannot tell you how much better I feel. I have not experienced any major fatigue since 4:15 p.m. on Friday. You stared the remote at 1:00 PM. In fact, I went out of town with my boyfriend this weekend, which included hours and hours of driving and sitting. In the past, this would have had me in excruciating discomfort. I have my strength back and have desired to go to the gym to workout. I have not done that, but the point is that I have the energy and desire to do so.
     I monitor my body in many ways and one of them is whether or not I feel like I can pick up my daughter who weighs 40 pounds. I haven't picked her up much in a year (it causes great strain in my rectal area). I have picked her up several times since Friday, with no pain or strain. Another telltale for my body is sex. I have not engaged in much of that this past year because I feel too much pressure from the inflammation. I know when it is okay and I know when it is not ok, mostly this past year it has not been ok. This weekend sex was wonderful. That may be too much info for you, but it is an honest guideline that I use. I have dated the same man for two years now; he says that I look so much happier and healthier since Friday, with color and energy. I agree with that!
     Let me just get to the point. I have experienced tremendous relief from pain and fatigue because of Friday's session. In fact, I went through some more tests today (small bowel series). Those results were normal. I called my doctor's office and requested that they repeat the tests that they did last week before I agreed to take that nasty drug called "remicade". I intend to prove to the medical world that it is insufficient (outside of trauma/injury). Your remote has begun to heal me and I am so grateful. I look forward to coming to Atlanta and working with you directly to complete my healing."

When Ann comes to Atlanta for personal sessions, I will check her energy, clear her if she requires it and reprogram her subconscious self to repair the damage caused by the negative energy that was within her and to prevent reoccurrence of her problems.

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