Some of What I Learned From Demons, Angels, Other Spirits And God

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

People often ask me how I learn about the energies I meet in my practice. About 10% of what I know about them, I learned from my earthly teachers. The other 90%, I learned by talking with these energies under deep trance hypnosis. My practice is worldwide so I talk to energies from all over. In helping people afflicted by negative energies, I must speak with them and, from their responses, I learn about them. Not all our problems come from foreign energies; we cause a lot of our own troubles because we have free will and make our own choices. But, negative foreign energies can make it a lot harder.

God created everything at the same time including demons, angels and us. Demons actually were angels in the beginning and we are spirits, part of the energy of God. God created everyone to express God. To do this everyone had to have free will (power of choice). If God simply wanted everybody to be good then we would all be good robots doing good all the time and that doesn't express God. Some of the angels, using their free will, decided to go towards darkness and they became demons. And, because they are in the darkness, they want to bring everyone else into the darkness with them. Demons want to to destroy everything of the light and that is why they are attracted to people of the light …to destroy them.

Earthbound spirits (EB's) are the disembodied consciousness of people who have died and not gone to the light for some reason like: violent death and don't see the light; taking heavy pain meds; want to stay here and protect someone or don't want to leave a loved one. If an EB attaches to you, it brings the energy of its death and the negative energy of it's life to you and is a parasite on your energy field. EB's tell me about how it feels to die, what happens to them after death and about the feelings of release. EB's attach to living people if their psychic defense systems are down and the EB's are attracted to the people's energy. In this realm, like energies attract like energies, fear-to-fear, sadness-to-sadness, etc.). The law of attraction.

Angels are spirits created to help us. Sometimes they are messengers bringing us insight or advice, or guardians keeping us safe or act as guides to aid us with healing work or divination. I have several angels who support me regularly and I often call upon many more. For instance, I have an angel guide overseeing my Reiki and Karuna Ki clearing effort, especially my remote work. I regularly call upon the Archangels for protection, particularly St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael and St. Uriel. You cannot have too much protection doing this kind of work.

On occasion, I talk with God because He dwells in everyone, so in all my clients. We are all God's children and His spark of love resides in each of us and is part of our soul along with the subconscious mind. We often call this God within, the High Self or HS. Carl Jung, the great psychiatrist called it the Superconscious Mind. Under deep trance hypnosis, we can sometimes access this HS and get answers that help us with our clients. We have to remember when speaking to the HS that it is God and so with great reverence. Sometimes the HS does not answer our questions, but gives guidance so we can find the answer. HS has instructed me for 30 years in all aspects of hypnotherapy involving everything discussed here, including soul-mind-fragmentation (SMF) and parallel dimensions of reality. I use the masculine here in referring to God, but God doesn't have a gender and if it did, it would probably be female.

The mind has a survival coping mechanism called disassociation, which it uses to protect our sanity when we are subject to very traumatic situations. The mind creates a sub-personality (soul-mind-fragment, SMF) frozen in time at the age the trauma and disassociation occurred, stuffs all the trauma energy into the SMF and submerges it into the subconscious. More than one SMF may be formed, often many, and they can get onto different people or all onto one person. The conscious mind does not know the SMF is there, but the trauma energy in the fragment is affecting the person, except he is unconscious of what it is or where it's coming from. If a SMF attaches to you because your psychic defense system is down, you get the trauma energy that caused the fragmentation. It is these fragments that we heal and return to their sources using Soul Retrieval techniques. People, because of hate, can consciously create a SMF of themselves (self fragmentation) and project it with venom to another person, family or genetic path. This is called a curse, and because of the evil intent, demons will attach to the SMF and exacerbate the venom energy in it.

All of these above same energies operate in all dimensions of our reality, sometimes called parallel universes. Sometimes to get the client clear in one dimension, we have to clear the client in other dimensions also.

I am so grateful to God that I am a Hypnotherapist and to Sherry Henderson, Oracle 20-20 publisher who gave me so much guidance. This is a profession where you help suffering people, make a decent living and heal yourself, all at the same time. For in healing others, you heal yourself.


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