Remote Work, Hate and Past Lives

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

A young man named Thomas came to see me about five years ago complaining of anxiety, depression, lack of energy, anger and self-hate. I told him that I couldn't treat any of these conditions because I'm not a licensed practitioner. What I do for people is clear the negative energy in their subconscious, which restores the flow of life force energy to the cell communities of the body, reprogram the subconscious mind and repair the cell damage in the body caused by the negative energy in the subconscious. He still wanted my help, but he lived across the country and so I did remote work on him. This is the story of that remote work.

Thomas had ten demons in his head sapping his energy, dedicated to his destruction and exacerbating the negative energy in his being. The first demon came into him at age 5. At that time he fell and injured his right knee on the sidewalk and this was enough to drop his psychic defense system so that the foreign energies could enter him. His father often beat him severely while his mother cried because she could not stop the father. He had a very bad early life.

In the remote, two past lifetimes came through. In the first first past lifetime I found, Thomas was named David and died in 1701 at the age of 15. He died on the altar of the satanic cult he had joined. David had few friends, and all were into Satan worship. His parents hated him and saw him as defective. He was very nervous and cried a lot. He wished he had never been born. He hated his family including two older brothers who beat him often. His father and mother also beat him frequently. He had no one to turn to. He tried running away but was caught and beaten. He did not go to school so he was illiterate and had no chance to learn about life except the rottenness of it. Hate was a big part of his life. He had no religion or God in this life. He would pray to the only god he had ever heard of, the devil. He heard about the devil from associates down the street who lived in very poor surroundings. His life was dominated by hate and pain. He hated not only his parents and siblings, but also everyone in a world that treated him like a dirty animal.

David was so sad and depressed about life and his future that he joined a satanic worship group because they emphasized hate. Other members of the group had similar lives to David's. Their fathers, including his own, were drunkards, worked at odd jobs and were thieves to live. His parents weren't married. Children were all bastards in this group. They liked being bastards. David wanted to kill his parents and siblings and only could tolerate his satanic group members. David beat up and robbed old defenseless people and young children that he could get close to. He hated everybody.

In his daily life, David really got into the satanic cult and felt more at home there than anywhere else. His cult robbed and stole anything they could and murdered nine people, mostly very old people, by climbing through windows of their houses at night. They cut the throats of their victims with joy. They drank the victim's blood while robbing them.

The cult needed a human sacrifice and David willingly offered himself to be killed. The chief Satanic Lord had him tied to a block of wood and cut his breast to get his heart out and then they all, 27 of them, ate David's heart.

A second past life for Thomas came through during this remote. In this life his name was Jocko and he died of syphilis in 1638 at age 27. He lived in Aldershot, England when very young and became a robber, thief and murderer. He was born in a trash dump of a woman who was loose with her affections with men and she threw him into the garbage. Jack, an inhabitant of the dump discovered him and saved his life. Jocko lived with Jack in the dump until age 9 when Jack died of rat bites and then Jocko left for London to live.

Jocko walked all the way to London except for short distances when farmers would pick him up in their wagons and carry him a few miles. In London he lived by stealing food from stores and ravaging through garbage heaps. He joined a gang of like children at age 11 and participated with them in robbery and two murders of people they could attack successfully. Jocko never went to school, so he could neither read nor write. He learned to fight well and was often the victor in many battles. He was vicious towards his opponents like gouging out their eyes and cutting off their penises and ears. He killed five of his opponents by stabbing them through the heart. Jocko was strong and handsome and even though uneducated, girls were drawn to him sexually and he had all the sex he wanted. He often got venereal disease like the clap, or gonorrhea, but he knew how to treat these.

He met Susan who he was especially drawn to and they had a five-year relationship, which was not monogamous for either of them. Both of them had sex with others. Susan got syphilis from one of her paramours; she sold herself to men for money and one of these had syphilis. Susan contracted the disease and didn't know she had it. She continued to have sex with men and with Jocko who caught syphilis from her. She gave this disease to at least 12 other men before she died of it at age 23. Jocko caught the disease and died from it while in prison for robbery

All the past lives energy came into Thomas through tubes into his lower back at L4-L5 (lumbar vertebrae). After ridding Thomas of the energy on these two layers of consciousness, which I can reach in remotes, Thomas told me that he felt so much better that his life changed dramatically enough that he didn't feel it necessary for me to do any more work on him. That was five years ago and I hope he is still doing well.


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