Remote Work:
Earthbound Spirits and a Past Life

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

John, a 51-year-old male living on the West Coast called me about doing a remote session on him. John complained of anxiety, low sex drive, fear of being alone, and pain all over his body, which sounded like fibromyalgia. He also had very low self-esteem. I explained to John that I couldn't treat any of his conditions because I'm not a licensed practitioner but that I could do remote work to clear subconscious negative forcing functions, which interrupt the flow of life force energy to the cell communities of the body and install and support negative programs on the subconscious hard drive. This negative energy also damages the cells of the body. John said he would like me to do the remote anyway and he would take whatever benefits he got from it even though I was not treating any particular condition.

John had 15 demons distributed in his body. Three were in his head, two in his scrotum, and the other 10 were in his stomach, skeletal system, large and small intestines, legs, hips, knees, ankles, and in his feet to prevent grounding. They exacerbated all negative energy in his body on these two layers of consciousness that I am able to clear and sap his vital life force energy. The demons are focused on depression and anxiety but also on the other problems affecting John. I also found two earthbound spirits attached to John and a past life on these two layers of consciousness that I was working on. The first demon joined John at age 3.

Earthbound spirit number one.

Daniel died at age 37 in Wales England after being run over by a plow in 1713. The plow tore up Daniel's body and he bled to death in the field. Daniel's father owned a farm in Wales and was behind the plow. The father's name was Chauncey. Chauncey was drunk at the time and did not see Daniel in front of the horses. Daniel was lonely; he hated the farm and his father who was mostly inebriated. Chauncey beat Daniel's mother Alice and Daniel tried to interfere but was beaten by Chauncey whenever he tried. This happened often and caused Daniel to become very angry with his father. Daniel had no social life, was sexually frustrated and masturbated up to six times per day. But masturbation did not completely relieve his intense desire for sex. Daniel joined John at age 7.

Earthbound spirit number two.

Helen died at age 16 in California in 1902 of wounds received from beatings from men she had sex with. Helen became a prostitute after her father threw her out of the house at age 13 when she resisted his sexual advances. Helen's father had been molesting she and her sister Janice since they were six years old. Helen was was three years older than Janice. Helen was very despondent and sought help from men who were kind to her and had sex with them and after one year, became a professional prostitute. The men she had sex with after joining Mimi's house of prostitution were often mean to her and beat her. One beat her so badly that her chest was crushed and she died from strangulation and damage to her heart.

John's past life. John was Sophie in Missouri during the US Civil War. Sophie died in 1862 after being gang raped by Union soldiers who commandeered her parents home. Sophie was 19 when she died. She was a beautiful girl, who loved her family and had several suitors who she was interested in. One in particular by the name of Amos, she was especially fond of and they contemplated marriage. Amos went off to war along with her other suitors and was gone when the Yankees overran their home. The soldiers also raped her mother, Molly and beat her father, Rufus. They broke both his legs. Sophie was very afraid of the soldiers from what they did to her mother and father and caused her to fear for her life. The soldiers did not attack her at first, but after occupying the house for about two weeks, they did attack her and killed her in the rape attack. 11 Union soldiers had sex with her and she expired. Energies from that lifetime that came into this lifetime were anxiety, fear and horror of sex.

The earthbound spirits of Daniel and Helen brought the energy of their deaths to John and also the negative energy of their lives to him. By releasing them, all this energy went with them to the Light and left John. Releasing John from the energy of his past life as Sophie got rid of her energy coming to him from the past life.

John called me after about two weeks after the remote and told me that he felt much better. The fibromyalgia pain was completely gone, his sex drive was about 60% better and so was his self-esteem. He still had some fear of being alone, but it was less than before the remote. I did this remote about 3 years ago and after John's call, I never heard from him again. He must have been satisfied with the improvement he received and did not want to pursue it any farther.

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