Remote on an Addict Son

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Some time ago a mother called me regarding her son Tom, age 24 who's addicted to drugs. She wanted to know if I could help him. I told her that I cannot legally treat any condition because I'm not a medical doctor psychiatrist or counselor but that what I did was clear the negative source energy that is cutting the flow of Chi to the cell communities of his body and installed negative programs on his subconscious hard drive. She agreed that since she had been unsuccessful in helping him with his problems to date, that she would like me to do remote work on him. So, I agreed to do so.

Tom was not only addicted to hard drugs but also to alcohol and frequently became so drunk that he got many jail times and numerous DUIs. In addition to the drug addition Tom suffers from anxiety, depression, insomnia, great anger and lived in constant fear of being killed by the drug gang he was involved with. His mother put him into several rehab clinics and he had seen several psychiatrists and clinical psychologists but he was not helped much. Adding to his difficulties was his refusal to admit being addicted and declined any further therapy for his problem. It was because of this recalcitrance that she thought remote work would help him because he doesn't have to be involved.

I actually did 2 remotes on him because he had very deep negative energy sources within his subconscious self. In a single remote I can only remove 2 layers of consciousness and after the 1st remote he improved some, but still had the addiction, however after the 2nd remote he was much better. The following describes some of the negative energies I found in his subconscious and what I did about them.


He had 2 in his head messing up his thinking processes and causing insomnia. An additional 2 demons were in his heart and one in his left lung destroying the cells. He had 2 demons in his stomach affecting his digestion and 3 demons in his large intestine and another in his transverse colon and 2 in his descending colon causing polyps and cancer cell development. Another demon was in each knee destroying the cartilage and beginning arthritis. A further demon was in his low back and pelvis causing disc damage and arthritis in the vertebrae and pelvic area. All the demons were also exacerbating other negative energies in him.

Earthbound Spirits:

I found the earthbound spirit of man named Dan who died of a heart attack in England in 1922 at age 37 and came into Tom at age 7. Dan also had TB and colon cancer. A brutal father, Edwin, threw Dan out of his home at age 10 to fend for himself. Edwin beat Dan, his 6 siblings and wife Maisie mercilessly. Edwin was a drunkard and worked as a laborer when not drunk. The family was very poor and all of them sick ,mostly from lack of food and good water. Dan lived with a gang of 29 young boys under a bridge in summer and in the back of an old warehouse in winter. Dan participated in 9 murders and did 2 by himself. The murders were to rob people of money and affects and one murder was a contract for which he received £2. Dan was depressed and always anxious about his own life because the gang boss hated him since he ran away several times trying to get away from the gang as they scared him. Dan was always sad and scared and never felt good. He vomited often and had severe stomachaches and backaches. He had sex with prostitutes and got the clap 5 times from which he suffered greatly.

A 2nd earthbound spirit named Tony came into Tom when he was 13 years old. Tony died at age 29 in Worcester Mass. in 1904 because his throat was cut. Tony worked in a woolen Mill and was always in great pain from ulcers on his left leg, which would not heal. The ulcers came from an untended infection at age 8 when he fell into a water well. Tony started drinking alcohol as cough medicine at age 9 for pain and proceeded to stealing opiates from pharmacies at age 11. He was caught several times and spent a total of 6 years in a child penal institution where he became drug addicted by stealing drugs from the penal hospital. His death came about in a fight with another addict about possession of drugs. The other addict was caught and hung for Tony's murder.

Soul Mind Fragments:

At age 3 Tom picked up a soul mind fragment of his father because Tom's Guardian Chi was down as he was experiencing a stomachache. The energy, which created the soul mind fragment of his father, was rage and sadness and this energy came into Tom and stayed with him since that early age.

It is important to understand that earthbound spirits bring the energy of their death and the negative energy of their life to the person whom they attach to. A soul mind fragment brings to the person that it attaches to the energy that created it.

By removing these energies from Tom, he was released from the negative energy of the earthbounds and the negative energy of the soul mind fragment attached to him. By removing these energies from Tom, doing some reprogramming on him and repairing the cell damage caused by the negative energy that was in his subconscious, Tom greatly improved. He stopped drinking alcohol and was successfully completing his cleansing of the hard drugs in him. He felt very much better and his mother was very pleased.


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