Remote on a Woman Troubled With Distrust of Men and Low Self-Esteem

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Donna called me about nine months ago from Northern California and asked if I could help her with her ailments. She had a list of complaints amongst which were low self-esteem, distrust of men in general, persistent headaches, bowel problems, kidney problems, extreme fatigue and a variety of other physical mental and emotional difficulties. I told her that I could not treat any of these conditions because I'm not a licensed practitioner, but she said she tried licensed practitioners and still had the problems, so she was willing to have me try to help her and I agreed. I did three consecutive remote sessions on her over a period of four months, and with each successive session she improved. The remote I am describing in this article is the fourth, and after this, she had remarkable positive changes in all areas.

I found 14 demons spread out through her body over both layers of consciousness that I could reach. I can usually reach two layers of consciousness in a remote. The first demon came into her at birth on the fifth breath. There were three in her head creating her feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem; one in her thyroid affecting her energy; two in her heart affecting the heart muscles, two in her lungs affecting those, three in her stomach and small intestine affecting the health of those organs, and three in her kidneys, bladder and reproductive system affecting those systems. All demons in her body were exacerbating negative energy in her body and were directed towards her destruction. Her light attracted the demons, and their objective was to make her physically, mentally and emotionally unhappy enough so that she would kill herself.

At age 11, an earthbound spirit named Darren, who died in Ireland in 1803 after being executed for murder of his wife and 4 children, entered her. He was a drunkard, brutal tyrant and beat his family badly and frequently. He considered them an imposition on his freedom. Darren was often in pain because of kidney problems and had open sores on his left leg from an infection that never healed after hitting his leg on an iron fence trying to rob a home.

At age 13 Darlene, who died in Germany in 1712 of complications during the birth of her seventh child, joined Donna. Darlene suffered greatly during pregnancy and put on over 100 pounds, couldn't walk and had had festering boils. She hated her life and wanted to die. She tried to kill herself four times but backed out each time because of fear. She was religious, but felt that God had abandoned her. She felt ugly and very unattractive. She grew up in a poor home, married at 14 and died at age 46.

Donna had three soul mind fragments (SMF) of three different women residing in her that were acquired before the age of 6 years. The first fragment came in at age 1. The fragments were all caused by anger, fear and self-loathing. These energies were brought to Donna by the fragments.

Donna had a curse on her from a woman who killed Donna's great-great grandfather because he fathered a girl baby with another woman while married to the woman who did the curse. She cursed all of the great-great-grandfather's line of girl children to live miserable lives.

Donna had a past life in which she was named Selma and died in England in 1793 of self-inflicted stab wounds after her fiancé ran off with another woman. Selma was 23 years old and had devoted seven years to her relationship with James, who had promised to marry her. James worked for a counting house as a clerk. Selma had no family; she grew up in an orphanage and was tossed out at the age of 15. She worked in the washhouse 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. She hated life and saw James as her salvation. She had frequent sex with James, but he was shallow and untrustworthy. She was always afraid he would find another woman because she was overweight and felt ugly. James did not care about Selma, but he loved sex with her. When he found Aral who was thin and more attractive, he ran off with her and left Selma. Selma's whole life was of insecurity, fear and loneliness until she met James. Now that he was gone, she felt she had nothing to live for and she killed herself. Depression, desperation, insecurity and fear dominated her entire life. She felt that God cursed her even though she did not believe in God.

It is important to remember that earthbound spirits bring the energy of their death and the negative energy of their lives to whomever they attach. Past life energy can be negated by the severed tube technique. Getting rid of the three SMF's and the curse got rid of all of the fragment energy. Donna was relieved of most of her problems after this fourth remote session. She found that her self esteem rose greatly, and she found a boyfriend she could trust. The headaches were all but gone, her bowels straightened out and she had much more energy to enjoy her new life.


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