Remote on a German Man

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, FNGH, CI, MCCHt

Heinrich is 33 years old and lives in Eastern Germany. He is in his 364th lifetime and suffered from depression, suicidal tendencies, fragile bones, sexual dysfunction and extraordinary macho behavior. His parents requested this remote.

Demons are dark force energies whose purpose is our destruction. They destroy us by bringing in earthbound spirits that have negative energy. by exacerbating the energy of soul mind fragments or providing direct demonic energy which can bring disease, lethal situations or make us so depressed that we end up killing ourselves.

A primary way demons destroy good people is to drive them to insanity or death by giving them hallucinations, imaginary voices and situations, , fantasies, and nightmares amongst other terrifying misrepresentations which scare and depress. We can oppose these attacks by being steadfast in our strength and the realization that the Creator never lets anything happen that can defeat us if we use our own power and intelligence. But it is a lot easier if we get rid of the negative energies.

Heinrich had the following demons in him:

Two in his stomach, four in his heart, three in his reproductive system, and two in his descending colon who are seeking to give him colon cancer. Some demon's energies are distributed over the entire body and affect the total person and others are in specific areas of the body like organs and these demons are dedicated to the destruction of those organs causing death. Demons are attracted by a person's light. Heinrich has a beautiful strong light. What makes him special is the fact that in so many lifetimes Heinrich was aware of his special relationship with the creator and the creator bestowed upon him many gifts. Heinrich has the ability to resist dark energies but he must know this and consciously exercise his free will to control his emotions and thoughts.

Heinrich had the following soul mind fragments in him:

Two from his mother, which came into him during gestation and contained fear.
Two from his father during gestation containing anger and fear.
Two more fragments of his mother came into him when he was three years old, containing fear, anger and sadness in them. Soul mind fragments form in a person when they are under great negative stress. It is a survival coping mechanism of the mind called disassociation that produces the fragmentation to prevent the person from going insane. The subconscious produces a sub personality frozen in time at the age that the trauma takes place and stuffs all the trauma energy into the fragment and then submerges the fragment into the subconscious and the conscious mind never knows that it's there but the energy works on the person just the same. These fragments can jump off and go on to another person if the psychic defense system of the other person is compromised. When this happens the energy in the fragment is brought to the person whom the fragment attaches to and that person then has that energy within his own self.

At age 13, three earthbound spirits came into Heinrich. These spirits were of three girls, Susan age 16, Maria age 15 and Donna age 18. The girls were from St. Louis and left home because their father sexually molested and beat them. They went west to find their fortune. They ended up in a brothel in West Kansas and all three were murdered within a period of one year. Susan had her throat cut, Maria had her stomach slashed and Donna had her head bashed in with a rifle butt. The girls lived in terror in the brothel; they were depressed, sad, angry, and fearful. They hated the brothel and could not get out of it. They were attracted to Heinrich's energy.

Another earthbound spirit entered Heinrich when he was 17 years old. This was the spirit of an 18-year-old boy who died from being raped in a Nazi prison camp during the Second World War. His name was Samuel, an attractive young Jewish boy who was continually raped by fellow inmates of Buchenwald concentration camp where he was imprisoned, and also by the Nazi guards. Samuel was gay and a gifted musician who loved to play the violin and other string instruments. Samuel was happy before being imprisoned and was very religious, but was afraid of being detected as gay. Samuel was attracted to Heinrich because of his beautiful light and compassionate disposition.

In Heinrich's immediate past lifetime he was Susan, a University professor in Austria. Susan had a doctorate in political science and was a sought after lecturer and writer. She was unmarried and lived in the University community and enjoyed her life. She had the gift of humor as well of intelligence and people flocked to her for advice and to be in her energy field. She was a gifted artist and had several exhibitions and played the violin in the Symphony orchestra. She suffered from severe osteoporosis and had broken several bones in her legs and arms from minor falls. Susan died in 1800 at age of 76 from complication from a broken hip suffered in a fall.

Heinrich's subconscious high self, who is the divinity in him, said that it would take 20 days to repair the cell damage caused by all the negativity that was on these two layers of consciousness, which we cleared today. We are all a part of the infinite source that created everything and so we are all one with everything in the universe and co-creators of our own reality. We were given free will when created to express the creator. This free will allows us to choose to be happy or sad, healthy or sick, good or bad, and every other dichotomy. We are the creators of our own lives and are responsible for ourselves. We cannot blame our problems on anyone else. We have the power to control our lives and destinies.

Heinrich's depression and suicidal tendencies could be caused by, or at least exacerbated by, the earthbound spirits that were attached to him. The following information may exacerbate his depression so we may not want to present it to him now because of his suicidal thoughts. His parent's judgment should prevail here. Note that he had three female earthbound spirits and one gay boy attached to him and in his last lifetime, he was female. He may have strong female tendencies as a result of this and could, on his deeper levels of consciousness, be afraid that he is gay. Macho behavior often is an overcompensation to deal with his innate fear of being homosexual. This may not be true and since I removed the negative energy of these attachments and from his past life, he may lose this feeling. If not, then later, when he is stronger, he will have to face his sexual orientation problem if he has one. His fragile bones could easily come from his past life as Susan with the osteoporosis, the energy of which I removed.


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