Remote on Troubled Girl

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Some time ago Ella, a mother from the West Coast called me about her 24-year-old daughter, Victoria who was having a lot of problems. She wanted to bring her daughter to see me, but her daughter would not have anything to do with it. This was part of her problem, not paying attention to what her mother was trying to do to help her and her general recalcitrance to anything that her mother said to her. So her mother Ella asked me about doing a remote on her.

Ella, the mother, sent me the required information to do a remote, which includes a picture of the subject, a discussion of the problems she was having, her date of birth and her location. In her discussion of Victoria's problems Ella mentioned the following: Victoria had stomach problems, irritable bowel syndrome, was using drugs, was promiscuous, does not trust anyone and was anxious, angry and depressed. In other words Victoria was a very troubled young woman.

I did a series of four remotes on Victoria over a period of about six months. Every time I completed a remote, Victoria improved somewhat. Over the period of six months while I did the four remotes on Victoria, there was substantial improvement in Victoria and the mother was very pleased with her daughter's considerable change. Victoria was changed sufficiently that at the end of the six-month period and the four remotes, she agreed to come to Atlanta so that I could do reprogramming on her in person. This in itself was a big alteration in her attitude.

I was able to sufficiently clear bad energy that was distributed over many layers of consciousness that were at the root of Victoria's problems. In the discussion that follows I elucidate some of the remote clearings that I did on Victoria. The reader is reminded that the attachment of foreign energies to a person brings the negative energy to the attached person and that person now has to bear that energy as though it was its own. In addition energies from past lifetimes that have not been resolved must be dealt with, just as if those past life energies were occurring now.

So as not to bore the reader, I'm only going to discuss those particular situations, which are obvious in their relationship to the problems that Victoria was having.

All told, I found a total of 31 dark force energies (demons) distributed over eight separate layers of consciousness. I am able to clear two layers of consciousness in a single remote as opposed to clearing one layer of consciousness in a private session because I don't have to deal with the conscious mind interfering when doing a remote. Dark force energies, or demons, are attracted to people of the light and their mission is to destroy the light. The way they destroy the light is to destroy the person. They will try to kill the person in some way, sometimes by suicide or accidents or put them in situations where they will be killed by murderers. The objective of dark force energies is to destroy the person of light. Just getting the dark force energies off of Victoria was a big job and this to helped her greatly.

In addition to the dark force energies I found quite a number of earthbound spirits attached to Victoria and I will discuss some of them.

Earthbound Spirit number one was a little girl eight years old named Maria. Maria died in 1747 in Peru of consumption. Maria joined Victoria when Victoria was nine years old. Maria was depressed, sick and wanted to die. Maria's mother left her and her aunt cared for her. Maria's mother could not handle life's problems and so she ran away and left Maria. Maria's father died after falling from a tall rock. Maria brought to Victoria depression, anger, desperation, loneliness and the energy of her disease of consumption.

Earthbound Spirit number two was a male named Jonathan, 47 years old who lived in England and died in 1944 by falling from a ladder. He was a painter helping to rebuild buildings destroyed during the air raids of world war two. Jonathan was frightened and frail - he had no confidence in himself - he was unmarried, lonely and he was afraid of women. He had stomach problems and vomited often. All these energies he brought to Victoria after he joined her when she was 12 years old.

Earthbound spirit number three was a male named Donald 42 years old that died in 1947 on St. Martin's island in the Caribbean. He died of fever from an infection in the stomach and intestines. He was an unhappy man-he was a fisherman-he had financial problems-he was unmarried-lonely-and walked with a limp because his right leg was damaged in a boating accident when he was four years old. He fell against a knife, which severed a nerve in his leg. He was reclusive-he lived alone-he was depressed and angry at life and his lot in life. He drank heavily to dull emotional pain and he was located in Victoria's chest in her heart and lung area. He joined Victoria when she was 14 years old.

In addition to the earthbound spirits and the dark force energies, Victoria had considerable negative energy coming into her from several past lifetimes. I will discuss some of them. Remember that a past lifetime means that Victoria was actually this person in that past lifetime and there is an unbroken path between the past lifetime and this present lifetime.

Past Lifetime number one. Victoria was a female named Marta who lived in Brazil and died at the age of 26 in 1931. A former lover who accused her of stealing his drugs stabbed Marta to death. She and he (Rodrigo) were both on drugs. Marta was very beautiful and vivacious but let herself be swayed by smooth talking men. She had been with Rodrigo for four years. They fought often and he was very mean to her. He beat her and injured her right leg with a strap during a beating. She disdained her parents, who tried to help her, but she would not listen to them. She was ashamed of her parents because they were sparsely educated. Marta wanted to be a dancer but her leg injury stopped that endeavor. She was withdrawn and angry at life, with God and with her parents and she lost her faith.

Past Lifetime number two. In this lifetime she was a male named Armando who died at age 53 in Peru in 1847. Armando was a fisherman and he drowned in a storm at sea. He drank heavily-married but not happy. His wife was unfaithful to him. She sought more accomplished men who were better educated and had more money. Heavy drinking made Armando sick but he persisted to relieve the sadness in his life. He had liver problems and heart problems, which scared him. He had no money for treatment and was very depressed and angry.

Past Lifetime number three. In this lifetime Victoria was a female named Donatella who died at age 38 in 1801 in Italy near Milano. Donatella died from an overdose of drugs provided by her pimp. She was a prostitute. She took drugs and drank very much. She married at age 17 for three years but her husband beat her and she left him for prostitution after trying to work as a washerwoman and caretaker of old sick man. Donatella met her pimp at age 26 and became his prostitute. She hated that life. She was angry with God and her parents who were poor and she blamed them for her miserable life. She was very attractive and had no problem attracting men, but never met one who would marry her. She wanted a home and family and never attained either of them. She was depressed and lonely and suffered from severe headaches.

These negative energies from the past lifetimes were unresolved and were still coming over to her in this lifetime. I had the angels sever the tubes carrying the bad energies and cleared those energies out of Victoria, which improved her life greatly. Amongst these energies depression, anger, despair, fear and unhappiness. Coupled with the energies of the earthbound spirits and with all of this negative energy being exacerbated by the demons made her life a living hell. It was no wonder that she was thrashing around trying to destroy herself just to get away from her overwhelming internal misery.

With all these bad energies now gone and positive programs subsequently installed in her subconscious, Victoria's life dramatically improved and she became happy and productive.


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