Remote on A Young Man With Depression and Anger

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

A young man named Henry in his early 30s came to me several years ago having problems with severe anger, depression, hate and porn addiction. He told me he had tried medical doctors, psychiatrists and clinical psychologists to help him over the years, without success. I told him that I couldn't treat any of his conditions because I wasn't a licensed practitioner but that what I did was clear his layers of consciousness of negative energies and that often helped people with problems like his. He asked me to go ahead and try to help him and I did. I saw him I saw him three times in private sessions and he got somewhat better but the problem persisted so I suggested some remote work because I can dig deeper in a remote. In private sessions I can clear one layer of consciousness, but in remote sessions I can clear two layers of consciousness. He agreed and I did two remotes on him. In each of his private sessions and the first remote that I did, he improved but the condition was still there so I suggested a second remote and he agreed. The following describes his second remote.

I found a total of 11 demons on him distributed between his head, neck and heart. Demons that are found in specific areas of the body are usually damaging the cell tissue in that area of the body and this leads to problems in those specific areas of the body where the demons are located. Sometimes the demons are distributed over the whole body, but all of the demons are there to destroy the person and they like doing it by depression and hope that the person commits suicide. Demons want to kill you.

I found 12 soul mind fragments attached to Henry, about half of which came from his mother and father and contained energies of depression, fear and anger. The other soul mind fragments came from men, women and children that he met in life. The energies that created the fragments in these people were fear of dying and fear of dogs and snakes. The energies that create soul mind fragments are the same energies that are transferred to the person that to whom the fragment goes.

Henry had 2 earthbound spirits on him. The first one came onto him when he was 14 years old and was a man named Pedro, who at age 36, was beaten to death by thugs robbing him in Mexico City in 1950. The beating crushed his skull, broke his neck and back and legs, and pelvis and smashed his internal organs. They also cut off his penis. Pedro was married, had six children and was not happy because of money problems. He was a day laborer. Pedro was very depressed and angry at the world and at God. Earthbound spirits bring with them the energy of their death and the negative energy of their life to the person they attach to.

The second earthbound spirit was a man named John, who, at the age of 24, drowned while swimming, having hit his head on a rock diving into the water and cracking open his head. He was married in 1962 for one year and they were expecting a baby. John was a very nervous and anxious person since being hit by a car at age 10. After that he was always afraid of dying. He had panic attacks where he lost consciousness and had to stay home most of the time because he was afraid to go out of the house for fear of fainting and dying. He had terrible headaches and took many tranquilizers, which didn't help him but often made him sick. The drugs would make him dizzy and feel spacey like he was out of his body and this scared him greatly. He prayed to God for help put didn't get any. He felt that God had abandoned him. His mother tried to help him but she had her own problems having lost her husband 2 years earlier and was very depressed and scared. She fragmented and John got many of her fragments of fear and depression and anger at life and of God.

After I finished the second remote, Henry said that he felt much improved so that he didn't feel he needed any further work from me. He was able to continue working and called me several times to tell me that he was enjoying his life.


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