Remote Help In Passing

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


About 6 months ago a woman named Mary, aged 60, came to me and asked if I could do a remote to help her secret lover pass comfortably over to the other side. John was her secret lover's name and he had long been addicted to severe alcoholism. He was in the hospital after having severe seizures and the doctors told Mary that he probably didn't have much time to live because his liver was practically destroyed. John had been in out of hospitals and rehab centers for about 10 years and tried desperately during this time to curb his drinking but was unsuccessful. He would drink so much that he would pass out on the street, and be hauled to some hospital by an ambulance. Prior to his taking up drinking, he was a very successful businessman and had a lovely family that he dearly loved. He started drinking about 15 years ago and he could not remember why. The addiction came on him abruptly and it was like he was helpless against it. He tried AA, prayer and will power but couldn't shake the addiction. He lost his job and his family, and became a sick man without hope.

At Mary's request, I did a remote clearing on John and the following is what I found. John had 13 demons on him. Three demons were in his head, plus three demons in his heart, plus three demons in his lungs and two demons in his stomach and intestines, one in his testicles and one in his right leg and right Hip. The demons were seeking his destruction because of John's beautiful light. They wanted to kill him. They exacerbated the energy of two alcoholic earthbound spirits that John had picked up at the age of 11 and 13. Demons are attracted to people of the light who become their targets for destruction. That is the mission of demons on this Earth.

Earthbound spirits are the disembodied consciousness of people who have died and not gone to the light for some reason. They don't go to the light for various reasons such as, they died violently and don't see the light, they are great pain at the time of death and are taking heavy drugs and just don't see light, or they just don't want to go to the light because they want stay here and protect somebody or don't want to leave a loved one. If an earthbound spirit attaches to you, and they can if your guardian Chi is down, they will bring the energy of their death and all the negative energy of their life to you. John had two of these earthbound spirits attached to him and he got energy from both of them. It is very difficult for people to pass into the next life when they have demons and earthbound spirits attached to them.

The first earthbound spirit was Marshall who died at the age of 73 from cirrhosis of the liver in 1959 in Augusta, GA. Marshall was married and had 3 grown children Millie Tom and Beckett. His wife was Maria who died in Maryland at age 78 of a heart attack. Marshall worked in a foundry as a metal pourer. He hated his job and disliked his wife Maria who always put him down and embarrassed him in front of others. She was ashamed of the work he did and wanted a life with more money and travel. Marshall hated going home to Maria and spent many hours in salons. Marshall came into John when he was 11 years old. John had a fearful experience picking up a body that had been in a river for 3 weeks and this experience lowered John's Guardian Chi (psychic defense system) and Marshall came into him and brought the energy of his life and death to John. Demons exacerbated Marshall's energy of alcohol addiction in John.

The second earthbound spirit was Dan, age 47 when he died of a heart attack in Charleston South Carolina in 1961. Dan joined John when he was 13. Dan was unmarried, lonely, depressed and desperate for money. He could not keep a job because he was a binge drinker. He attended AA meetings 3 to 4 times a week but it didn't help him much. He kept medicating himself with liquor to keep from feeling so badly. Dan also was a diabetic and had extreme peripheral neuropathy in his feet, which kept him in great pain, and caused very bad insomnia. He hated his life and was drawn to John after his death by Marshall's energy, which had already attached to John. Dan tried prescription drugs for the neuropathy pain but they didn't help him enough. He did better with bourbon whiskey. Not only did it help the pain but it also aided his sleep and relieved his depression somewhat. The demons in John amplified the life-and-death energy of Dan and Marshall that was in John and this was how the demons would destroy John.

I removed the energies of both Marshall and Dan from John and also the 13 demons that were attached to him. Without the energy of Marshall and Dan on John that was exacerbated by the 13 demons that were on him, John had a serene passing into the next life about 3 weeks after I did the clearing on him. Mary was with him when he died and she said that when he left, he had a smile on his face.


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