Remote On A House and Property With Apparitions

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Susan was a middle-aged woman who had been living in a house out in the country since her divorce about a year ago. She complained of headaches, stomach trouble, insomnia, and most of all that she could sense people in her house and occasionally could see apparitions. These were fuzzy transparent outlines of people and were obviously spirits. They scared her very much. She had heard about my clearing of places and spaces and called me to see if I could help her and I agreed to do so. In order to do so I needed pictures of the property from the outside and also of all of the separate rooms and in addition, a layout of the property including any churches, funeral homes, cemeteries, or other places where there might be dead people like a funeral home. In her case she had a church close by and a cemetery in the immediate neighborhood.

Usually if there are spirits around because they are attracted to the area where the houses are for some reason. They might have died in the area, or they just might like the feeling of the place or there's another spirit or spirits there that they are attracted to. These spirits are earthbound spirits, which means that they did not go to the light when they died. There are many reasons why spirits don't go to the light including dying violently or being under the influence of heavy painkilling drugs at the time of death, or simply because they don't want to go to the light. Instead, they want to stay here and protect somebody or they're in love with somebody and don't want to leave them. The spirits don't have to have died in the immediate area, they could've come from a long distance away. They are here just because they find this place attractive for some reason. If earthbound spirits are around and your psyche defense system is down because of stress, they may attach to you because you have no defense. And if they do, then they bring to you the energy of their death and the negative energy of their lives. Demons often use earthbound spirits to plague people they are trying to destroy. I often find demons in locations where I find a lot of earthbound spirits.

First thing I found was a small boy sitting in front of the couch in the living room. He died in 1803 of the flu, and his name was Jimmy and he was nine years old. He lived on a farm not far from the location of the house. I found two Creek Indians near Susan's treadmill. They had been shot in the heart and one in addition had an ax handle in his head. I also found three Union soldiers standing near a window next to a bed in an upstairs bedroom over a garage. One had been shot in the chest. The one I got to talk to me said his name was Danny and he was from New York. They all were killed in 1863 during the Civil War. I found one woman upstairs in the hallway that was about seventy years old and her name was Molly. She lived in an area of houses that had recently been built thereby. The woman had died from a fall and a broken back and lived on a farm about 3 miles away.

Sitting on the top stair going into the master bedroom I found two Confederate soldiers who had been shot in the head. One had no left leg, his name was Larry and he was from Alabama. Yankee soldiers had killed all on Susan's property in 1861. I found three more Creek Indians lying in a bed in the master bedroom. Cherokee Indians killed them by stabbing them in the chest. They had been on their way home from the hunt and they said they liked the bed and broke into the room. I also found 35 dead Union soldiers in and around the house and across the street who had all been killed in a Confederate ambush. They were held there by major demons. I had to get rid of the demons and send them to the light before I could send the soldiers into the light. Incidentally, all of these earthbound spirits that I found on this property I sent to the light.

I found twenty dead Hitchiti Indians in the backyard sitting by a fence behind a log. They had been stabbed and lanced and killed by Chickasaw Indians they said. I also found an additional two dead Confederate soldiers standing by the refrigerator in the kitchen. Both were from Alabama and both had been shot in the chest in 1862. I also found two dead Confederate soldiers in front of the fireplace in the living room. All had been shot in the chest and one in addition was shot in the head. One was sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs. It's strange but they seem to like the like featherbeds and to sit in comfortable chairs even though I'm sure they can't feel, being in spirit form.

I didn't find any earthbound spirits from the cemetery that was nearby nor on the outlying property around the house. I also didn't find any earthbound spirits connected with the church which was not far away. Often I do find earthbound spirits that had been buried from churches close by the area, but in this case I did not.

When I finished and Susan came back home she called me quite excited that the place seemed very clear and she couldn't see any apparitions, which pleased her greatly. Over the next few weeks she told me that many of the ailments that she had been experiencing had disappeared. I offered to do a clearing on her because she might have picked up some of the earthbound spirits that may have been in the area but she decided that she felt good enough that she didn't need it.


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