Remote: Computer Factory Curse

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


My first experience with clearing spaces was about 10 years ago when the president of a specialized computer company came to see me about strange problem he was having. This specialist computer company made very unique and complex computers that did many complicated tasks including many classified jobs for the military and intelligence communities. His problem was that a particular prototype computer for an important government agency that cost him about $250,000 to make was being destroyed every night while it was alone in a locked room where there was no power.

I went to visit the facility and saw the damage. The prototype was burned up like it had been put into a very hot oven and left there to cook. It was totally destroyed. The president of the company, Rich said that that it was the third such prototype which had been cooked, and the damage was about to drive them out of business financially. He wanted to know if I could help. I told him I would try. Remotely, we went through the building and got rid of many dark force energies (demons) that were distributed throughout the plant including offices and on the floor where the computers were put together. In the room where the computer prototypes were stored overnight and were cooked in the morning, we found 15 demons which we removed. The difficulty, however, did not disappear so we looked deeper.

We began to inquire about people who worked on the computer in either design or assembly. We discovered that a 23-year-old designer name Viktor who was born and raised in Romania had come to work for this company shortly before the computer cooking episodes began. We did a remote on him and found that his grandfather had been a guard at a Nazi death camp during the Second World War. Romania was part of the Axis Powers during WW2. The grandfather guard was particularly disliked by the Jews in the death camp and they had cursed the grandfather so that he he and his progeny would be possessed by demons forever. The demons would cause the destruction of all who were haunted by them. This was the basis of the curse and when we questioned Viktor about his family, he told a remarkable story of misery, so it appeared that the curse was working well.

Once we got rid of the curse on the young Romanian, Viktor, the cooking problem with the prototypes stopped and the problem went away. People who worked in the plant remarked about how clean and fresh the plant seemed and felt to them. The young Romanian had many physical and emotional problems that were relieved when the curse left.

The demons had hoped to destroy Viktor's position in the company by destroying the prototypes. Viktor was a brilliant engineer and had become a partner in the company because of his technical contributions. If the company failed, he would loose his job and financial interest as a partner. Money and the prestige that went with being a partner were very important to him and the computer prototypes destruction would have eliminated his position and interest in the company, so the curse would have worked to destroy him. Along with his physical and emotional curse problems, the added difficulty of the companies' demise could have ruined his life.

The company went on to become very successful and the particular computer prototypes that were ruined became a very lucrative and steady source of income to the company and to Viktor. In this case the clearing saved the company, all the workers jobs, the contracts with the government and greatly improved the young Romanian's health by getting rid of the curse that actually was, through Viktor, on the whole company as well as on Viktor.

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