Remote Clearings Can Be Miraculous!

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

About a year ago, a mother came to see me about her daughter, Maria, 35, who was in an ICU in Spain with fourth stage uterine cancer. The mother was beside herself with fear and grief and begged me to help her daughter. I told the mother that I could do a remote clearing on Maria, which could remove the negative energy associated with the cancer and this would help her deal with it but may not do anything beyond that. Only licensed medical people are permitted to treat any medical condition and I was not such a person. The mother wanted me to clear Maria anyway and I agreed.

To begin, I always get permission from the client's high self as well as from the high selves of all ancillary helpers involved in the clearing process to make sure that everyone agrees with the clearing. If any of the helpers disagrees, we either correct his problem or we ask him to leave. We also get permission to do the clearing from all of the guides and protection entities that work with us. We also use specific protection prayers, incenses, holy water, and personal protection oils because we often deal with dark force entities and other harmful attachments.

To complicate this clearing in addition to the remoteness of the client being in Spain and the extreme seriousness of the client's illness, the client does not understand English and it is always beneficial to discuss with the client after finishing, what we found and what we did. This discussion acts as specific reprogramming for the clearing just completed and unites the conscious and subconscious selves, which greatly enhances the clearing efficacy.

The mother was fluent in English and offered to translatethe results of the clearing for Maria. Using our advanced remote clearing techniques, we cleared the two layers of consciousness available to us. Maria had over 100 demons on these layers with 47 of them lodged in her reproductive system. She also had many foreign Soul Mind Fragment's in her subconscious self with creation energies of fear, anger, depression and anxiety amongst these energies. She also had over 50 self-fragmentation fragments in her subconscious self with creation energies of fear, anger, distrust, depression, despair and rage amongst these energies. All these energies are consistent with cancer. We also released the earthbound Spirit of a woman who died from cancer in her reproductive system. Earthbound spirits bring the energy of their death and the negative energy of their lives to those they attaché to. Maria's mother translated all of this information to Maria in Spain over the phone.

A week later the mother called to tell me that Maria was doing much better and had been released from ICU. Two weeks later, the mother said that Maria was continuing to improve and the doctors felt very good about her chances to survive and get well. Much rejoicing amongst all of us.

I like to think that the remote was responsible for helping this girl but because hypnotherapists can't be involved in healing I guess we can still say that the clearing we did on Maria was a form of prayer and I know that prayer is legal for hypnotherapists. But, who cares? What is important is she feels better. Thank God for that!!


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