Remote Clearings Are So Cool

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


Remote clearing work is so cool because not only can you reach and clear two layers of consciousness, but you also get so much more information than in a private session which only allows the clearing of one layer. Part of this advantage for remotes is that it takes between three and five hours to do a remote as opposed to two hours for private sessions. The extra time is important but there are other aspects that exist which are just as important as the time extension.

One advantage of the remote is that you get to talk to many more of the energies that may be causing problems in the person's subconscious. These energies of course are the negative forcing functions, which block the flow of life force energy to the cell communities of the body and install and support negative programs on the subconscious hard drive. By being able to speak to more than just the one negative forcing function, which we are usually able to access in a private session, we learn so much more about the total negative energy, which is blocking the flow of Chi through the body.

Because we can access so many more of the negative forcing function energies, and we have the chronological listing of the client's major problems in their life, we are able to relate the negative energies that we find to the persons problems. This then allows, during the specific reprogramming phase of remote work, for direct connection between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and fosters easier and deeper processing into the subconscious. By deeper processing of specific negative energies and their direct effect on how the client feels, there is a stronger connection made between the subconscious and the problems that the client has been experiencing. And, because we can do this with many negative forcing function energies instead of just one or at best two. like we can do in a private session, the deeper processing within the subconscious is much more effective.

For example: if the client has a stomach issue, and we find an earthbound spirit attached that has stomach trouble, we can directly relate to the deeper levels of the subconscious the fact that the stomach problem which had been plaguing the client has been taken care of by removing the attached earthbound spirit which had stomach problems. In this way we can relate many of the issues that the client complains of to the clearing work that we have done and the subconscious is thus more readily able to process and let go of the person's issues. This works very well.

In addition to the deeper work with remotes, it is usually less expensive to use remotes to clear multiple layers of consciousness than by clearing them all in private sessions. I still find that having a private session first enhances the effectiveness of remote work and a private session at the end of the remote work is good because it allows more global reprogramming to take place, which is different than the specific reprogramming done in remote work. So, for people with long-standing problems, the inclusion of remote work in addition to private session work shortens the whole healing process, which cuts the total cost.

There also other advantages for including remote work in total healing work. For instance, when we do remote work the client does not have to be present and can go about their everyday business. This is particularly important for people who are disabled and have to use wheelchairs and special vehicles in order to reach the location for private sessions.


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