Remote Clearing of Places and Spaces

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Many people come to me to be cleared of negative energy which can be demons, earthbound spirits, soul mind fragments of people living or dead, alien energies, thought forms, past life traumatic carryovers, unresolved internal conflict energies and a host of other bad energies which if they get on us cause us problems. In private or remote sessions these energies are cleared from all the layers of consciousness over which the energies are distributed. This usually resolves the problems.

But what happens when the cleared person goes back home and it is full of negative energies? And what about negative energies that may be in his yard, or in the woods behind his house, or close by in another residence, business, church, factory, etc? Well, if his guardian chi is up and working he is protected against negative energies. But what if he gets stressed out and his Guardian chi goes down and he loses his protection against the negative energy? These negative energies from around his house could get into him and he would be subject to all the problems they will cause. His previous clearing reestablished his guardian chi protection system but if it goes down again from severe stress, he could pick up the negative energies that are in and around his home.

Going back to a dirty house and neighborhood after you've been cleaned and cleared is like going outside in a dust storm right after you've taken a shower and put on brand-new clean clothes. You will probably get dirty again very quickly unless you put on some kind of protection to keep you clean.

It surprised me when I began looking for these negative energies around the house. I had just cleared the client and a week later they began complaining about problems again similar to the ones they had before. Around the house I found earthbound spirits, demons and in a few ET's. I found them throughout the house including the bedroom, the garages, the attic, and under the house. I found them throughout the yard and neighboring areas. In many cases the earthbound spirits were of dead Indians, dead farmers, dead soldiers and other dead people including dead children.

I also found the earthbound spirits of dead people who were being buried nearby in cemeteries, located in nearby funeral homes, and having services in nearby churches prior to burial. One has to remember that an earthbound spirit is the disembodied consciousness of someone who has not gone to the light for some reason. The most common reasons are the person died a violent death and didn't see the light, they were in great pain at the time of death and taking very heavy drugs and didn't see the light, or they just didn't want to go to the light. For instance, a person who is much in love with another person doesn't want to leave them and will stay and attach to them if their guardian chi is down. Another common reason is they want to stay and protect someone. They don't realize that they can't protect them and instead actually bring all their life problems to the person and are also parasites on the person's energy field. All attachments, no matter how loving, are always negative.

If a person is murdered, dies in battle, executed, or part of a massacre, usually demons will gather to hold the spirit from going to the light. If the person doesn't go to the light it becomes a wondering lost soul and can be used by demons to help destroy good people by bringing negative energy to them. If demons are not present, the lost soul usually looks for the soul of someone who has familiar energy and then attaches to them if their Guardian Chi protective system is down.

Remote clearing is the best way to get rid of spirits from places and spaces. To do a remote I need pictures of the rooms in the house, pictures of the outside of the house, pictures of the lawn and places like nearby woods and neighboring buildings and spaces. If the person has a plot of their property, it is helpful. In the case of a factory or laboratory or other non--house building, I need pictures of the working spaces, aisles and rooms. This includes rooms where people work and storage things.

After clearing places and spaces people tell me that a sense of cleanliness envelops them, they feel good, sleep good and things dramatically change for the better in their lives. This is particularly true in homes where the families are dysfunctional. Getting rid of the negative energy in these kinds of homes tends to cause remarkable positive changes in the family. We paint our houses and clean our yards when they get dirty; it's about time we think of getting rid of dirty negative energy contaminating our homes and yards. It feels so good to be clean!


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