Remote Clearing of House and Property

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Some time ago I got a call from a couple out West who had purchased a new home in the country about 20 miles from the small town where they lived previously. They told me that sickness troubles had started about five years ago when they lived in the nearby small town and became much worse when they moved into their new home, recently built. The small town house had one previous family occupying it for about 10 years and they complained about weird things and bad luck that went on there. They sold the house to Dan and Janie for a low price because they wanted out of the house. They thought it was haunted. Dan and Jenny didn't have any serious problems for the first couple of years living there but then troubles began and they worsened. Dan and Jamie were very much in love but when the problems began their love seemed to disappear. They both became very depressed; Janie to the point of suicide and Dan had severe back problems and severe depression. They went to many doctors and also consulted holistic healers but the problems continued.

They decided to move out and bought the new house where they were living when they contacted me. They complained that the new house also had bad energy because they could feel it when they came home from work at night and it left them when they left the property in the morning for work. They were still having the problems they had in the old house but the energy in the new place was perceptibly worse. They felt a chill when entering the property and the depression on both of them increased.

I did remote clearings on both Dan and Janie and I also several private sessions with them and got them feeling better , but every time they entered the property they could feel the chilling negativity and the depression started again and Dan's back problems returned. From what they told me I thought the problem was negative energy in the house and on the property and that's what was making them sick so I suggested that I do a remote clearing on the house and property and see if it helped.

I was badly shaken when I did the remote on the house and property because I found so many earthbound spirits and demons there. Six of the earthbound spirits came with them from the previous house and were a murdered family. The mother was a teacher who went crazy and killed her four children, her husband and herself. Those were the energies that were causing problems in the previous house to Dan and Janie and also the previous owners of that house. The earthbound spirits and the demons came with Dan and Janie to their new home.

Not only did I find in the new house the earthbound spirits and demons connected with the crazy mother from the other house but also the earthbound spirits of about 50 Arapaho and Cheyenne Indians who had been massacred back in 1864 by the U.S. Army. There were also about 20 demons distributed over the property and in the house. Many of the Indians were women and children and a substantial number of them died from some kind of pox. Apparently the U.S. Army found this group of Indians who were living peacefully and killed them all. I found the dead crazy woman's family all gathered in Dan and Janie's bedroom. The Indians were distributed throughout the rest of the house and on the property. For some reason there were not any spirits in the kitchen or in the toilets but they were in the bedrooms, living room, dining room, laundry room and storage rooms. In addition, I found about 10 Indians around the small pond on the property and several more in a small wood not far from the house. I also discovered the earthbound spirits of a fairly large number of white men who were killed by the Indians as they tried to defend themselves during the massacre. The white men were US soldiers.

It is very interesting to me that I could discern what both the Indians and the white soldiers were doing in the spirit state even though I didn't understand their languages. I got all of the spirits of the crazy woman's family to go to the light along with the demons that affected them in their previous property and on this one. I had to release the demons holding the Indian spirits on the new property before I could get rid of the Indian spirits themselves. Whenever I tried to release the Indians without getting rid of the demons first, the demons would block me from rescuing the Indians and sending them to the light.

After all the clearing was done on Dan and Janie's new home, they told me that the chilling negativity was gone and they were to feeling much better especially with the depression. I think this is because when demons are present they seem to bring depression with them to the people they infest which causes them to feel suicidal. Demons often produce or enhance depression in people of the light hoping that they will kill themselves, which apparently is the demonic preferred method of destroying people of the light.

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