The Quantum Holistic Healing System

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

After 34 years of practice, working with over 8,000 people and dealing with their High Selves (the Divinity within), we have a NEW powerful universal System of healing. I am not a medical doctor, and therefore I do not diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. My doctorate is in engineering. What I do is remove the negative forcing function energies that cause people to have problems and then reprogram the subconscious mind with good programs that enable them to live healthy, happy, secure and powerful lives. I call this the Quantum Holistic Healing System.

This Quantum System effectively helps people resolve their problems. I have developed and used it in my practice. Based on belief and unconditional self-love, it works with unbelievably remarkable success. I share this System with others who are interested in this kind of work.

The System works at its ultimate best when the client has been cleared of negative energy before reprogramming the subconscious mind, which is an analog parallel processing super bio-computer and, therefore, has a virtual hard drive. This hard drive operates a person's life based on all the programs it has absorbed from all their lifetimes. If the integrated summation of these programs is negative, the flow of life force energy to the cell communities of the body is blocked. According to the oldest model of disease on the planet, which is still extant, this causes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dis-ease. Negative programs must be cleared from the subconscious virtual hard drive and replaced by positive programs. These new programs are based on unconditional self-love, ego strength, self-confidence, self-acceptance, and mastery of oneself. The client then develops control of his life and becomes a person of security, strength, power, and free of distress.

The System clears all negative energy attachments such as demons and earthbound spirits, unresolved internal conflicts, past life traumas affecting this lifetime, attachments of soul-mind fragments of people living and dead, self-fragmentation and all other negative energy blocks including curses and spells. These negative energies contaminate layers of consciousness (LOC) like sacks of toxic waste, which are heavy burdens and cause degeneration of the person as a whole. Each layer cleared removes one of these sacks of toxic waste, lessening overall contamination and the client feels better with each layer cleared. It is imperative that all contaminated layers are cleared, including those in parallel dimensions of reality in parallel universes. The client will know when they are clear because they feel good. This is based on a 3-sigma confidence level stochastic evaluation of the 8,000 clients I have worked with. When the client's energy stays strong for more than six weeks, this indicates the LOC's are clear.

Let the Quantum Healing begin.

The list below came from the High Selves about what we must understand and what we must do to produce clearing and healing:

  • How the quantum universe works in healing
  • The concept of Negative Forcing Functions (NFF's)
  • The Eastern Model of Disease and blockage of Chi
  • The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection and the Mind's three Selves
  • Layers of Consciousness (LOC) - what they are and how to work with them
  • How to Hypnotize
  • Introduction to reprogramming
  • Soul Mind Fragmentation and its effect on the self and on others
  • Soul Mind Fragmentation and how to clear it
  • Self-Fragmentation and its effect on the self and on others
  • Self-Fragmentation and how to clear it
  • Clearing negative entities and other negative energies from the subconscious
  • Clearing curses and spells, both genetic and personal
  • How to do healing in parallel universes and parallel dimensions of reality
  • Repairing cell damage caused by negative energies on LOC
  • Negative energies, how to release them, and how often
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Gestalt
  • Parts Therapy
  • Past Life Regression Therapy (PLT)
  • Remote clearing of people places and spaces
  • Remote clearing of people places and spaces using Skype
  • Quantum technique for global reprogramming
  • Remote reprogramming using Skype
  • Remote Quantum Reprogramming using regression andprogression with Skype.


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Feb 18 2015