Parallel Universes: Remote Clearing on "Darcy"

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

An attractive young woman named Darcy in her early-30s came to see me suffering from depression, anger, fear, and anxiety and was concerned about heart problems. She was also concerned because she was married to a man that had several children and she wanted to have a child of her own but was unable to conceive due to a fall injury. She came to me and asked me if I could help her I told her the usual things that I cannot treat any condition because I'm not a licensed practitioner but that what I do is to remove negative energy and a lot of times that has very positive results on a person. She agreed to have me work on her and I did so. I saw her twice in private session and did 2 remote clearings on her getting rid of many dark force energies. The following is the third and last remote summary.

I did a remote clearing on her, which also included clearing two lifetimes and parallel dimensions of reality in a parallel universe. I haven't done much work with parallel universes yet. I'm just beginning to learn but it's a fascinating concept and I hope to integrate it into my practice as I become more conversant with it. In all of my remote work I clear two layers of consciousness of all negative energy. In remote clearing work I have a surrogate that is clear and whom I trained for many years and because of this I'm able to work directly with the subconscious of the client through the surrogate and that allows me to dig and clear deeper.

Attached to her on these two layers of consciousness, she had 36 soul mind fragments that came onto her between the ages of one and 26 and were from family, friends, associates and also strangers. The fragment creation energies that came to her and which she had to bear as though they were her own energies were hate, self-hate, anger, depression, fear, anxiety, shame, disappointment, and lust. I sent the creation energies to the light, cut the cord at Darcy that came from the source of the soul mind fragments, rolled it back into the sources and reintegrated the soul mind fragments back into the sources personality restoring them to completeness

I also found 23 self-fragments on Darcy, which had not gone to anyone else and was still in her. The creation energies within the fragments were fear, anger, hate, guilt, shame, and depression. I sent the creation energies to the light and reintegrated the self-fragments back into Darcy's own personality restoring her to completeness. Getting rid of self-fragments and other people and reintegrating them back into the sources is tremendously beneficial to health.

I also found three curses on Darcy, two of which were from members of her own family and the third was an associate from high school. Curses are soul mind fragments that have been deliberately created by the source and projected at someone to do them harm. Because of the intention to harm, the Soul Mind Fragment attracts a dark force energy. In all three of these curse cases, demons came to Darcy with the curses to exacerbate the fragmentation and curse intention energies. The negative energy directed at Darcy by the curses was in addition to the dark energies of projection that came with the curses. These were were unhappiness and illness. The energies of projection that caused the curses were jealousy and hate.

I also found in our remote the earthbound spirit of an eight-year-old girl named Susan that came onto Darcy at age 4. Susan was attracted to Darcy by her compassion. Susan died of a broken neck when she fell into a well in Arkansas in 1937. Her father was very mean to her and sexually abused her. Her mother feared the father and was mentally ill. She had two sisters who were older than she who picked cotton and are unmarried. Both sisters were emotionally ill with anxiety and depression. Both sought to find husbands but were not successful. The older sister died in a car accident and the other sister drowned at age 17 Susan was depressed, angry, ashamed, anxious and hated her parents and life. Earthbound spirits bring the energy of their death and negative energy of their lives to the attached one.

I found two parallel universe lifetimes on Darcy. In lifetime number three Darcy was Sarah, 24 years old and the year was 2861, She lived in Spain with her husband and son Edger. Sarah was married at the age of 19 to Tom who was a professional tennis player. Sarah came from a loving family, had a father, mother, two sisters and one brother. All had successful lives. Sarah had congenital heart trouble and often had difficulty breathing. She had a dark force energy attached to her from age 6, They came onto her when she was molested by her grandfather. I removed the dark force energy and asked for healing of her heart problem. Her high self said yes.

In parallel lifetime two. Darcy was Laura age 36, married to Philip, a rancher in Honduras. He was successful. The year is 2312. Laura could not conceive so they adopted a three-year-old girl from Belize whose father had run off leaving the mother destitute with two other children. Laura and her husband gave little Marta a good home, and Philip helped support the destitute mother and her children. They actually became a big family and lived very happily

EPILOGUE. I did this remote many months ago and just recently heard specifics from Darcy regarding her health and emotional state since I did the clearing. She was very pleased with the clearing and said she felt much better. She was particularly pleased with the positive change in her relatives who had cursed her. Their attitude towards her changed dramatically and she is very happy.

I think the clearing addressed a lot of her problems. The soul mind fragments that she had on her were consistent with a person in her negative emotional state. And that energy has been removed. The problems that she had with her heart could have come from the parallel lifetime she was living with a bad heart and since I asked her high self to heal her heart and it agreed to do so, Darcy's heart problem may be a lot better. I think the second parallel lifetime in which she was Maria and she and her husband adopted a child and became a supporter of two other children and their mother like they were a family might have helped Darcy deal with the fact that she was unable to conceive. We shall see.

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