Past Life Regression Therapy and Spirituality

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Back in 1925 there was a famous trial called the Monkey Trial, which attracted a great deal of attention around the world. The attention was because of the debate between the attorneys on the issues of evolution and divine creation. The debate centered on "was it possible that we could be a part of both processes"? Are reincarnation and evolution of the soul real or imaginary? Does the spiritual realm really exist? How do we form our opinions concerning these subjects? The answers to these questions depend, of course, on your belief system.

Since the beginning of time, there has always been a belief in the spirit world. In my work I've found that in the subconscious mind, even atheists and agnostics have a spiritual awareness that there is something beyond just the physical system that they can see and feel. In the subconscious mind there is no doubt that the spirit world exists. People by their own experiences form their own beliefs and create their own realities concerning this great truth.

Our special talents and the goals we set prior to entering each incarnation are also part of this inner awareness. In regression therapy we can bring this information through the client into conscious awareness and it gives them a better understanding of who and what they are. It assists them in relating to their own physical, emotional and spiritual selves. It can also assist them in finding their innate talents, which can lead to professional success and satisfaction.

One of life's purposes is to learn about what life is all about, both good and bad. Our overall purpose is to express our Creator. Reincarnation is the process of recycling the soul spirit to the physical and then back to spirit until we reach the highest level we are capable of. The process is to learn to accept and conform to the laws of our creation. It has been said "we are here to find out why we are here".

In hypnotherapy we believe that we come from spirit and will return to spirit. Earth is a proving round to establish choices relating to the laws of our creation. We have free will, and by the choices we make, we express the Creator. Freedom of choice allows us to connect with the physical in many ways and to create our life, moment by moment, and the decisions we make creates our consciousness. Our decision to enter the physical life enables us to prove, conform to, deny, test and challenge these laws of creation. We form our beliefs based on our individual life experiences and those beliefs are unique to each individual. Somewhere, it's been written that "your only assurance of a personal God comes from your own insight, belief and experience with, things spiritual. To all of our associates who had a similar experience, no argument about the reality of God is necessary. While to all other men who were not sure of God, no argument could ever convince them"

Our understanding of the physical level comes with us when we chose to become physical. Our response in this physical life determines our level of spiritual growth and how we relate this spiritual knowledge to our purpose of existence.

I think that everyone, regardless of their sex, age, nationality or religion, has within their own awareness, their own level of spiritual growth. There is nothing about oneself that is not already known to the subconscious and high self-spiritual levels. The mind not only contains the knowledge of life and the purpose of its existence, it also contains the answers for its own improvement of emotional, physical and spiritual conditions

Everybody experiences some kind of spiritual awareness in their subconscious mind. This is a knowing that they have come here from someplace else and that there is a purpose in their being here. Some people will not acknowledge having had a past life but even they will experience an awareness that they came from a spiritual origin prior to entry into the physical experience they are having now.

We all have to have a purpose and If we don't, we become lost and frightened of our existence. One of the things that we can gain from regression therapy, which is definitely a spiritual experience, is to understand that we've done it before and get some idea of what we are supposed to do here now. This helps put our existence into alignment and allows us to relax and not be frightened and stressed by not knowing who we are. Knowing this and what we are doing here and why really helps us live a better and happier life. Regression therapy is cool in that it gives us a way to find answers to these life questions.

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