Layers of Consciousness

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

In my work, I use the term "layers of consciousness" often. Recently, several of my clients on whom I have done remote clearings have asked me to define what a layer of consciousness is, and this is what this article is about.

When a client comes into my healing room, I talk to him about his problems and how my work can help him. The basis for all of my work is the Eastern model of disease, which says that all disease, mental, emotional physical and spiritual are caused by improper functioning of the cells of the body. What causes the cells to malfunction is the deprivation of the life force energy Chi to the cell communities of the body. The term Chi is the Chinese name for the life force energy.

The life force energy is a current of electricity and even though it comes in on the breath, it is not a constituent of the gases of the air. It is an electric current. When an electric current flows through a conductor, in this case the clients body, there is an electromagnetic field which is formed around the client's body by the flow of current. I can tell my client how badly blocked this layer of consciousness is by how robust or how weak is the electromagnetic field. Obviously the more current flow, the bigger is the electromagnetic field. I always tell my clients however, that the electromagnetic field on this layer of consciousness may not be the same as the electromagnetic field on other layers of consciousness. Each layer of consciousness may be blocked more or less. Depending upon how badly blocked the layer of consciousness is, the electromagnetic field changes.

A new layer of consciousness is formed by negative energy coming into the subconscious self. The negative energy might be dark force energies, earthbound spirits, curses or spells, negative genetic energy, unresolved negative internal conflicts, past life negative energy, negative foreign Soul Mind Fragment's or negative self-fragmentation. One of these negative energies can create a layer of consciousness or the layer may contain all of the above. Because the energy gets blocked in the subconscious self which is a computer, a layer of consciousness could be thought of as a computer file having more or less negative energy on it. Positive energy does not seem to form layers of consciousness, only negative energy. When negative energy comes in to a person, it may be distributed over a number of layers of consciousness or it may all be on one layer.

It is important to know that all layers are clear of negative energy contamination because you can't reprogram the subconscious self's hard drive with positive programs if the negative programs are still there and are supported by the negative energy which installed them. If you try to reprogram without clearing the negative programs, the new positive programs will simply evaporate. Likewise, if you want to put a Positive energy shield around your client so that no further negative energy gets into them, you want to make sure that you are not locking in the negative energy that's already there. It is best to clear out all negative energy before putting a shield around your client.

In my practice of over 36 years, and over 8000 clients, the standard deviation stochastically is 9-10 layers of consciousness that are contaminated by negative energy. The minimum I have found is 3 layers of contamination and the most I have found is 36 layers that are contaminated with negative energy. Clear your client's contaminated layers of consciousness, then reprogram him with positive programs and repair the damage to the cell communities of the body on all layers of consciousness damaged by the negative energy and you have a healthy, happy, human being.


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