Jack's Depression

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Jack, 45, called me last year and said that he had been severely depressed for a long time. He had seen allopathic physicians who gave him antidepressants, but the side effects made him sick. He likewise saw a psychiatrist who gave him psychotropic antidepressants that also made him sick. He then saw a clinical psychologist who used behavioral modification therapy with him to help him cope with his depression, but did not get rid of the depression. Jack was unhappy with the results and asked me if I could help him.

I told him what I tell all my clients - that I am not able to treat any condition or medical problem because I am not a physician, but that I could clear his energy field and reprogram him under hypnosis, which might help him. Jack agreed to come and have me work on him.

In three private sessions, where I can clear one layer of consciousness, I cleared him of several demon energies and an earthbound spirit that was depressed in life. In a remote session, clearing two layers of consciousness, I also removed 45 Foreign Soul-mind fragments and 22 Self-fragments containing depression energy. Earthbound spirits bring the energy of their death and the negative energy of their lives with them to the person they are attached to. I really thought that removing all of these depressed and dark energies from him would solve his problem - but it did not.

Jack was still depressed. I then used past life regression therapy in another contaminated layer of consciousness to find the source of his remaining depression and resolve it. Under deep trance hypnosis I took him back to the source of his depression.

He went back to a lifetime when he was very poor and worked on his grandfather's farm for very little money and could not go to school. He wanted to go to school very badly because he felt it was for his future success in life. But, because he had to work on the farm doing what he perceived to be menial work in the dirt, and couldn't go to school. He wanted to get an education that would allow him to achieve his aspirations and lead a more fulfilling life. He thought if he were uneducated he would have to do dirty menial work the rest of his life. This thought made Jack very depressed.

While still in hypnosis I explained to him that Freud said that reliving is releasing. He released the depression in the regression therapy when he experienced the depression. I then pointed out to Jack that he was a college graduate in this life and had a good job that he loved, so he can release the depression.

I then Quantumly reprogramed his subconscious computer's hard drive with programs of being happy and not depressed in this life and in all parallel lifetimes. I reiterated that he was a college graduate and had a good job, so there was no reason for him to be depressed. I did this reprogramming so that it reached all of his parallel dimensions of reality. This worked for him. His depression was gone and he was happy.

Six months later Jack let me know that he was without depression and still feeling great and happy with his life.


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