Hypnotic Remote Clearing and Protection

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


For over twenty years my associates and I have done remote clearings of people in trouble from all over the world. We clear the negative energy forcing functions that block the flow of life force energy to the cell communities of the body. According to the oldest model of disease on the planet this blockage is at the root of suffering people's mental, emotional, physical and spiritual problems.

We do remote work on people who cannot come to see me in person for various reasons amongst which are: being too far away, cannot afford to travel, too ill to travel, cannot take the time or just will not come. In this last category usually are spouses, children or other relations who are in trouble, but will not seek help because of belief or just plain recalcitrance. When we do this work, we always get permission from the client's high self to do the work so we are not violating privacy or usurping free will.

In the past, I did not believe that it was possible to do reprogramming of the clients subconscious mind because of technical difficulties involved with putting the client under hypnosis and giving him the proper reprogramming to reset his subconscious hard drive while doing this over the phone and so I did not attempt to do this and limited myself to simply clearing two layers of consciousness at a time in a single remote. In addition, if the client was under psychic attack, the problem of remote clearing and reprogramming appeared to be just too difficult.

For the past several years, however, I have been confronted by remote clients under severe psychic attack who also needed clearing and reprogramming and I began to develop remote clearing and reprogramming with some success. There was still the problem of protecting the client from the psychic attacks while doing the clearing and reprogramming. I finally solved the problem of how to do this and have had great success with people all over the world who cannot come to see me in person.

The process begins with remote clearing of the psychic attack sources and there may be many, because psychic attacks can use any place where the client has ever been as the launching platform for the attack. Once I have cleared all the psychic attack launching platforms, I can begin to do remote clearing work on the client. But the problem still remains of protecting the client from any other psychic attacks and then reprogramming the client's subconscious self. Psychic attacks are usually of conscious volition by people who desire to inflict harm on someone else for various reasons including family, money or other problems. This kind of evil can come either in the form of a curse or psychic attacks. A curse is a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment. It usually involves projecting a foul soul-mind fragment of the curser onto the one who is cursed (cursee). Psychic attacks usually involve telepathy or clairvoyance aggressively against someone in an attempt to injure or kill them.

Curses deprecate the curser because the curser loses a soul-mind-fragment of himself in the process and can suffer severe difficulties from the self-fragmentation and loss. In addition, because of the venom involved in the deliberate projection of the curser's fragment to the cursee, demon energy will attach to the curser's fragment and this harms not only the cursee, but also the curser because the fragment still belongs to the curser even though projected onto the cursee and it now has a demon on it. A psychic attack is easier on the attacker than a curse and so it is used more often. Of course, the attacker still has the personal karmic effects to deal with. All living creatures are responsible for their karma - their actions and the effects of their actions.

I have developed remote techniques, which protect a client from continuing psychic attack and curses, but the negative energy launch platforms must be cleared first before the protection can be effectively put into place. This can be quite time consuming, because the protection must be maintained during remote clearing and reprogramming and thereafter must be consciously remotely maintained. Let me discuss how this works.

Sandra, 42, and her three children had to leave the South Pacific island where they were born and grew up because of psychic attack by members of the family who were jealous of Sandra's inherited wealth. Sandra was divorced, and very spiritual. She and her children were suffering greatly in mind, body and spirit because of the family's attacks. Sandra and her children moved to the west coast of the USA and set up a nice home, where they thought they would be safe from the attacks. However, they were not. Psychic attacks are not distance limited.

They suffered greatly from physical, mental and emotional illness. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, back and kidney pain and almost constant flu-like symptoms plagued all of them. They contacted me and asked for help. Of course I told them that I could not treat any condition because I was not a licensed professional and that I only cleared energy blocks, but they wanted me to try to help them anyway as nothing they had done previously helped them.

I had to clear psychic attack energy from all the places they ever lived on the island and that the family members had ever visited. Some of the family members had enlisted the aid of local shamans and witch doctors to help them spread the curtain of negative energy over Sandra and her children. It was necessary to remove the ability of the family and their associates to harm Sandra's family and to install a protective shield over them. Once the negative attack energy was diminished and the shield set in place, I could then begin the reprogramming of Sandra's family. They were much better off now … many of the symptoms had greatly ameliorated, but there still was a large amount of negative energy buried within many layers of consciousness on each of Sandra's family which had to be cleared before the reprogramming could take full effect.

With the negative energy sources now neutralized and a strong light shield kept active, it was possible to clear all the layers of consciousness over which the negative energy causing the symptoms in Sandra's family was distributed. Once all the layers of consciousness were clear and the chi life force energy could now flow unimpeded through Sandra and her children to nourish the cell communities of their bodies, magnificent positive changes occurred in their lives. Gone were all the illnesses and the family could now live a happy comfortable life.

All of this work was done remotely. I never met any of Sandra's family in person.

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