Hypnotherapy Sets You Free!

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

When we were created we were perfect and free. When we were born into this life we were not. The reason for this is that most of us are not in our first incarnation. Statistically, on a 3-sigma confidence level bell curve we tend to reincarnate about 2000 times before we return to source, therefore most of us are not in our first incarnation and therefore we are not perfect and free.

You would think that a newborn baby is perfect and free, but they are not. I have been doing remote work for a little over 31 years and I learn the current incarnation of the person I'm working on. For all the remotes that I've done, which are probably over 1000, the current incarnation usually runs between about 130 and 900 lifetimes. I have never met anyone who was in his or her first lifetime. So, a newborn may have negative forcing function energy on him from this or past lives; he has picked up baggage from the genetic path he has chosen for this lifetime; and he can easily pick up negative energy from his mother while he is in her womb. In addition, the birth trauma is often sufficient to drive the baby's Guardian Chi psychic defense system down so that entities attracted to the child can enter. Of course, during the child's life, it can pick up many negative forcing functions, which can interrupt the flow of Chi to the cell communities of the body and install and support negative programs on the person's subconscious hard drive. The integrated summation of all the programs on the subconscious hard drive determines our behavior, how we feel, how we react to life and who we are at the moment. To change any of these, the hypnotherapist must install new positive programs to replace the negative ones. But this cannot be done until he removes the negative energy in the subconscious supporting the negative programs.

So here we are as grown adults, or maybe still children, and are depressed, fearful, guilty, shameful, and full of conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and all the other destructive energies that make life miserable. Modern Western medicine helps us a lot by treating our symptoms, but doesn't get rid of the source energies that cause our problems.

The oldest model of disease on the planet, which is over 12,000 years old, says that improper functioning of the cells of the body causes all disease, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The cause of cell malfunction is the reduction or blocking of Chi energy flow to the cells. What hypnotherapy does is get rid of the blocks to the flow of Chi to the cells of the body and therefore the cells get healthy and so do we. We can rid ourselves of the source of illness by clearing the negative energy within our subconscious self because it blocks the flow of Chi to the cells of the body. Once we get rid of the negative forcing function energy blocking the cells, we can also reprogram the subconscious hard drive with positive programs so that we don't reestablish the negative energy conditions we released.

The negative forcing function energies that block the flow of Chi to the cell communities and install and support negative programs on the subconscious hard drive are simply bad things that have happened to us in this or past lifetimes, unresolved internal conflicts, biological carryovers from our ancestors and the attachment of foreign energies (entities). Entity attachment is very important because if you have any it's very difficult to get at the other negative forcing functions. Consequently, entities must be removed before other psychotherapy can be successful … particularly past life therapies (PLT)... because if the client has an attached entity, you are regressing the entity and not the client, and all the psychotherapy in the world on the entity isn't going to help the client because you're not working on him.

Entities can come on us because we have two immune systems. We have a physical immune system that protects us against the invasion of pathogens like microbes and viruses and we have a psychic defense system, which protects us against the invasion of foreign energies. The Chinese call this psychic defense system the Guardian Chi. the same things that knock down our physical immune system knocks down our psychic defense system, such as stress. Stress can come from not getting enough sleep, working too hard, being very sad, fearful, shameful, or any other strong negative emotion. Consequently our Guardian Chi often goes down and we are open to the invasion of foreign energies.

The most common entity attachment is an earthbound spirit (EB), which is the disembodied consciousness of someone who has died and not gone to the light for some reason. EB's are attracted to like energies. For instance if you're sad, fearful, shameful or guilty, you can attract EBs that have that same kind of energy because in this realm like energies attract like energies, the law of attraction. If an EB attaches to you, it brings the energy of its death and all the negative energy of its life to you including the energy of any disease it might have had. It doesn't bring the disease itself, but it brings the energy of it and sometimes this energy can ignite the same disease in you.

Demons are the second most prevalent entity I encounter in my practice. You can tell when you are dealing with demons because they want to cause pain, misery destruction and death. They tell you so. God created demons just like everybody else, but demons went a different path into the darkness (free will). Demons are attracted by a person's light (innate energy) or by the negative energy the person is putting out. If a person comes into this world with a great light to accomplish much good, this makes them a target of the demons that want to extinguish that light by destroying the light person by entering him as soon as his Guardian Chi is down. Once they are attached, demons will bring in EBs who had serious life problems or they bring evil conditions and situations to the person to make them depressed so they will kill themselves. The demons purpose, as they tell me, is to kill the person, destroy him. If a person is very sad, angry, fearful or full of hate, that energy is a beacon to Demons and they want to join that person as a kindred spirit. Once attached, demons exacerbate the negative feeling, and use that strong destructive energy to produce more negativity in the world.

Another kind of attachment is Soul-Mind Fragments (SMF) of other people, living or dead. The mind uses disassociation (fragmentation) as a survival coping mechanism. If something very traumatic happens to an individual, the mind, in its survival mode, creates a sub-personality frozen in time at the age of the trauma, stuffs the trauma energy into the sub-personality, and submerges it into the subconscious mind and the conscious mind never knows that it is there. Sometimes these SMF's can be displaced and they attach to another person like any other entity and bring to the attached one the negative energy that caused it disassociation.

Other attachments can be alien energies or thought-forms. Alien energies are energies from some other place … another dimension, galaxy or universe. They may also be you in a parallel dimension of reality or parallel universe. Thought-forms are simply energy without consciousness and may be either positive or negative in nature.

Amongst the other therapies I use to release further negative forcing function energies are Gestalt, NLP, Past Life Regression, Remote Clearing, Cell Damage Repair, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Forgiveness Therapy, Chinese Energetic Medicine, Native American Shamanistic Healing and Parts Therapy for the alleviation of unresolved internal conflicts. Therapies I use depend on what is needed to resolve the problems.

Application of the therapies can be done in private or remote sessions. In a private session I can clear one layer of consciousness and do specific and global reprogramming. In a remote session I can clear 2 layers of consciousness and do specific reprogramming. Remote sessions are about 50% of my practice. In remotes clients don't have to come and see me and they can go about their everyday business while the work is being done.

So if you want to be healthy and happy, you have to be free of contaminating blocking negative energy so the Chi can flow unimpeded to the cells. Qualified hypnotherapists know how to get rid of negative forcing function blocking energy and reprogram the subconscious hard drive for health. Hypnotherapy is the answer to freeing you from the contaminating Chi blocks preventing you from maximizing your beautiful life. Get Clear of negative energy, positively reprogram your subconscious, repair cell damage and free yourself to be your best.

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