Hidden Demon Voices and Love

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

About two years ago, a young couple came to see me because the female in the relationship was hearing voices that were telling her that her lover was unfaithful. The voices would also speak through her to her lover about how worthless and rotten she was. They had been deeply in love, considered themselves to be soulmates and the voices were destroying their relationship. The man, Daniel, took Linda, the girl, to a series of psychotherapists including psychiatrists trying to stop the voices. None of the psychotherapists over the period of about a year succeeded in stopping the voices. Most of them recommended that she go in into an institution. Linda didn't want to do this. She also took various psychotropic drugs without any relief. In an effort to save their relationship, they decided to come and see me for help. I told them the usual things regarding my inability to treat any condition because I was not a licensed health provider but they wanted me to try anyway, and I agreed.

Because the voices only spoke to her and through her to Daniel when they were in their house, I thought that the negative energy behind their problem came from the house. I did a remote clearing on the house and removed many demons, dead Indians, dead farmers and other dead people. It turned out that their house was built on an Indian burial ground and in a region where many fights between local farmers and Indians took place back in the 1700s. The house clearing did not stop the voices. I also did a remote clearing on Linda and removed many demons and earthbound spirits from her but the voices continued unabated. Obviously, the negative forcing function causing the voices was not on the layers of consciousness cleared in the remote.

I then did private sessions on both Daniel and Linda. The first private session was on Linda but no matter what I did I couldn't get the voices to speak to me under deep trance hypnosis. I cleared that layer of consciousness but there was no change so the voice energy was not on that layer and was probably distributed over many more layers of consciousness, which I had not yet reached. I would have to clear them all and I didn't know how deeply it was buried in Linda's subconscious.. I have never been able to find out how many layers of consciousness are contaminated. I thought if I could get the voices to speak to me, I would have a better chance of getting rid of them. I even tried going to their house to see if I could hear the voices speak through Linda to Daniel but while I was there they would not speak.

I did a private session on Daniel and removed several demons and soul mind fragments of his mother and Linda. These fragments contained fear energy that caused the fragmentation. One of the demons in Daniel said that both Daniel and Linda were people with very beautiful lights and they were going to destroy them by causing them to separate leading to depression and suicide. This is a typical way demons try to destroy people of the light. So, I concluded that the only way I was going to help them was to clear all contaminated layers in Linda and then reprogram her but since I didn't know how many layers were polluted it would require patience. In my experience the average number of contaminated layers is between 3 and 6, but I have found many more on some folks.

This was a problem with Daniel who was an impatient man. I felt that he deeply loved Linda but I wasn't sure that he was willing to go through an extended clearing program especially because the female demon in Linda kept accusing him of infidelity and also telling him that Linda had no worth and that he was stupid to stay with her.

I did two more unsuccessful private sessions with Linda and succeeded in speaking a little bit to the main demon in her that was attacking Daniel so I was close to the layers containing the voices. I could see, however, that Daniel was becoming more and more exasperated with Linda. The main demon in Linda masqueraded as a beautiful girl about 20 years old and was named Diana. Linda could see her in her mind and said she was red headed, curvaceous and very sexy. Linda accused Daniel of being attracted to Diana and that he was having an affair with her. Somehow, even though Diana spoke through her to Daniel, Linda believed that Diana was real and he was having an affair with her. This came from the demonic energy still in her.

Daniel asked me how many more sessions it would take before Linda was back to her previous beautiful self but I couldn't tell him because I didn't know how many more layers in Linda were contaminated. He made several appointments for Linda after this but canceled each one and then I didn't hear from him for several months. Finally I received a letter from Daniel saying that Linda was still under the control of the demon and he had not left her. He said the problem was primarily that Linda refused to continue with the therapy. This is a common way that demons will try to stop therapy working to get rid of them. He said he was trying to convince her to continue therapy but she wouldn't. Obviously he still loved her and wanted her healed but he had to wait until she was ready.

It's been five months but he has not called. I don't know what is happening with he and Linda. Demons are insidious and know the weakness in the people they are trying to destroy. In this case it was the couple's impatience. If they had stayed with me until I could reach and clear the layers containing the voices energy, their relationship most likely could be restored to what it was before Linda became possessed. Now we have to wait and see if she is strong enough to let me complete her clearing and rid her of the voices.


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