Strange Happenings -
Gestalt and Forgiveness

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Several psychiatrists and psychologists that he had visited in the past several years had not helped a young medical doctor named Robert in his mid-40s. He was actually referred to me by one of his psychologists. . He was suffering from hypertension, allergies, depression, anger, and great fear. He had problems with electrical systems. When he passed under streetlights driving his car, the streetlights would shatter. Doors locked and unlocked themselves. The air-conditioning would go on and off all by itself. He had a media room in his home and the electrical systems wouldn't work most of the time. He also had two paintings of a Christian cross on the wall that no matter how many times he adjusted them, they always tilted by themselves. Something was trying to get his attention. These were very strange happenings and he thought he was going crazy and it was affecting his practice in a very negative way. I told him that I could not treat any of the medical or psychological conditions that he described but I might be able to help him with some of the strange happenings he'd related. I explained that I was not a licensed medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist or counselor and therefore I was not legally permitted to treat any condition. He said he didn't care and wanted me to work on him anyway, within the bounds that I was able to work, which is really energy clearing and reprogramming using hypnosis.

All this stuff started happening to Robert when he was in the ninth grade. He had some physical sensations like a weight was on his chest choking him. I had two sessions with him. In the first session I removed a demonic energy from his chest and he felt much better. I didn't see Robert for six months after the first session. Then he called me and said that he'd been free of all of his problems for that period of time, but some of the problems had returned and he wanted me to get rid of them. So, he came to see me again.

This time Robert told me that when he woke in the morning he had imprints on his arms like someone has squeezed his arms very tightly and also serious bruising on his wrist. When he looked at the imprints on his arms from the squeezing, they looked like a small child or woman's hand had made them.

With Robert under hypnosis, I found the earthbound spirit of a little girl named Shelly who was three years old and had died in the 1890s. She said that her daddy had hurt her, strangled her and killed her. Her mother was scared of the father, named John and the mother could not stop John from beating Shelley. Shelley had a porcelain doll that she loved, and it out of her hand and broke during the strangulation. My client, the medical doctor named Robert, lived in Michigan when he was about five years old in an old Victorian home and it was in this house that John, Shelley's father, killed her by strangulation. Father John had a brick enclosure built in the basement and buried Shelley with her doll behind the enclosure. My client Robert went into that basement after his family moved into the Victorian home and sensed a presence and heard crying within the brick enclosure, He became very frightened and never would go back into the basement. Robert was about five years old at the time.

Under deep trance hypnosis I was able to talk to Shelley and she told me about her daddy hurting her and strangling her. He was mean and she was very scared of him. Her mother could not stop the father from beating her. Father John buried Shelly with her broken porcelain doll behind the room of bricks. All of this information came from Shelley.

I did a gestalt between Shelley and her father to resolve the issues between them. In the gestalt, Shelley said that she hated him, was very scared of him and that he was mean and angry and beat her mother. She said he was a monster. Shelley said that she met Robert in the basement of the Victorian home when he was about five years old and she was trying to get his attention to tell him that she was there and what happened to her. Robert remembered the home and the fear he experienced in that basement when he heard a little girl crying from within the brick room. It scared him very much, which dropped his guardian Chi. Shelly was also afraid because of what happened to her and so her energy was attracted to him because like energies attract one another so she joined Robert as an earthbound attachment bringing with her the energy of her death and the negative energy of her life.

During the Gestalt the father, easily admitted that he strangled his baby daughter claiming that the baby was not his and that his harlot wife, Jean, had an affair and produced Shelley. He and his wife had four other kids to raise so he said he couldn't kill his wife, Jean, but he didn't want to raise the little bastard Shelley. He said he hated her; that he could not stand the sight of her because she reminded him of his wife's infidelity and he didn't want to raise her, so he killed her by strangling her. He kneeled on her chest while strangling her. This was the heavy weight that Robert had felt and I removed during our first session. With a scenario like this one, demons were attracted to Shelley and to Robert. Demons seek to destroy people of the light and they often do that by exacerbating the negative energy and the negative physical feelings that are in the person. So, Robert felt the strangulation and the heavy weight on his chest. It was the demon I rid him of in his first session.

During the gestalt, I was able to get John, the father, and Shelley, the baby daughter to forgive one another. Because Shelley was released to the light, she no longer needed to try to get Roberts attention, She had been harassing him by creating problems with the electricity and other things. This stopped Robert problems and also rescued Shelley from an existence as an earthbound spirit. By Shelley forgiving John, her father, for murdering her, and the father repenting for having done so and asking for forgiveness from Shelley and receiving it from her, John was now able to enter the light along with Shelley. Shelley was no longer an earthbound spirit. This was a wonderful session in that Robert was relieved of his problems; Shelley was no longer a lost soul and was now in the light, and her father because of Shelley's forgiveness and because of his asking for it, he was able to enter the light also. What a beautiful scenario.

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