Depression (Sadness)

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Depression is rampant in our society, and a lot of people who are depressed ask me to help them. Unfortunately, the medical community owns the term depression and I am not permitted to treat depression because I'm not a licensed member of the medical community. Actually, the medical community helps many people with depression because they have the ability to prescribe antidepressants, which are medications that help depressed people. Clinical hypnotherapists are not trained to use medicines, and therefore they should not be treating clinically depressed people with drugs, and so we don't. We do however; help people who are SAD. Sadness in the population is as common as depression and I help many people who are sad.

I help sad people by putting them into deep trance hypnosis and finding and releasing the negative energy that is behind their sadness. Once I clear all of the sadness energy from contaminated layers of consciousness, I can then reprogram the subconscious computer with positive programs. These positive programs then become the operating system for the client's subconscious computer and they are then positive and happy rather than sad. This is possible to do because the subconscious self is actually an analog parallel processing super bio computer and it has a virtual hard drive, which has on it positive, and negative programs installed by positive and negative energy.

Very Sad and Depressed people are really in bad shape. Both exhibit similar traits. Their confidence is gone, already low self-esteem couldn't be lower, they have no motivation to do anything and above all, they have lost all hope of improvement. They are in a black hole and have lost the ability to climb out. It is a terrible place to be in and sad and depressed people very often are suicidal. They really need a lot of help. The goal of hypnosis in cases of sadness is to interrupt the dysfunctional patterns they have and replace them with functional directives. The key to success lies with the therapist to adapt hypnotic techniques to the nature of the client's problem. This requires specific abilities and characteristics of flexibility, calmness, intuition and sensitivity as well as a lot of training and practice in understanding the nature and elements of sadness.

I look at a client's extreme sadness in a much different way than does the medical profession. This is not to say that the medical profession doesn't do a good job, but I have helped many clients in extreme sadness by getting rid of the negative forcing function energies that are in their subconscious selves and reprogramming their subconscious hard drives to be positive. Because we have a psychic immune system, which the Chinese call the Guardian chi, negative, energies can enter us and Lodge in the subconscious self. What lowers the protection of the guardian chi is the same as for the physical immune system. It is extreme stress. Since most of us are subject to extreme stress in our lives, our protective system often fails us and we can pick up negative energies quite easily.

Some of the negative energies that cause sadness are: the attachment of earthbound spirits who in life were very sad, the attachment of dark force energies who wish to destroy the light in the client by killing them by getting them to commit suicide from extreme sadness and loss of hope and the attachment of foreign Soul Mind Fragment's of people who have fragmented because of extreme sadness. When the Guardian chi is down, the client is open to the energy in the creation energies of the sadness that caused the Fragmentation.

This is a very different way of looking at solving extreme sadness conditions in people, but it works very well in helping to restore the very sad person to hope and happiness.


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