Curses and Spells Can Mess You Up!

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Dealing with curses and spells on people has been a large part of my practice for many years. Curses and spells, which are really the same thing, cause a lot of problems for people because of anger and hate that someone else has for them. I use the term Curse in this paper for both curses and spells. Most people don't believe in curses or spells and think they are something from the ancient days of witchcraft or Medieval times but I have found them to be very real in terms of their effect on people. It's not difficult to curse someone. You have to be willing to fragment your own soul mind and send the fragment to the one you are cursing. I find a lot of curses within families or between married people or divorced people. The curse can be projected not only onto a single person but also onto their whole family and their genealogy if the cursor wishes to do so.

Curses are a very ancient method for inflicting bad energy on people, places or things. Curses are a manifestation of Soul Mind Fragmentation (SMF) deliberately created to affect a negative outcome. Normally, a SMF is a survival mechanism the mind uses to protect our sanity when we are confronted with a situation that is very traumatic. SMF creates a sub-personality (ego state), frozen in time, in which the energy of the fragmentation is contained and then submerged into the subconscious and the conscious mind doesn't even know it is there, but the energy is working on the person. The energy is always there but the conscious mind does not know it. This is often the underlying source behind persistent anxiety for which there is no apparent present cause.

The SMF can leave the body and attach to someone else, inflicting on that person the energy that created the fragmentation. This not only damages the person to whom the SMF is attached, but also damages the person who has lost a fragment of his own soul. Shamans heal by retrieving the SMF that is missing and reintegrating it into the afflicted person. This is "Soul Retrieval".

But in a curse, the negative energy that created the soul mind fragmentation within the cursor is projected to another person along with a negative intention for the cursed one. Because of the intention to do harm, the deliberately created SMF picks up a demonic energy, which exacerbates not only the fragmentation energy but also the curse intention energy in the cursed one.

Curses can be attached to generations of people or to places and must be removed to get rid of the curse energy. I find many curses when I'm doing remote work, which I might have missed in a private session because I have much more time to devote to the process in a remote session. Most courses are caused by hate and anger in a fit of passion and the passion gives the curse exorbitant strength. In remotes I have found curses cast on children by their parents and on other members of families. Divorced people often curse former spouses, especially when the spouse takes up with another partner. In this case jealousy is usually the predominant energy that causes the self-fragmentation (SMF) within the cursor. Women tend to curse men much more often than the other way around and the curse and negative intention energy is usually much more damaging.

One of my male clients was divorced for a year and found a girl friend about 3 months later. All of a sudden, he started feeling poorly, his sex drive disappeared and he was having trouble at work. His boss actually told him he was being downsized. He asked for my help and I found in the remote that his previous wife had cursed him. Her curse SMF was created by hate, anger and jealousy and the intention of the curse was that he have money and sexual problems. I cleared the curse including the demon and my client's felt better, his sex life was restored, and he was not downsized. Previously, he didn't believe in curses, but now he does.

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