Cellular Memory

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Cellular memory is responsible for many seemingly failed healings even when the healing has been done right. This is because this very powerful effect is not understood and dealt with by most therapists and clients. Cellular memory is really simply that once a pattern has been established within the subconscious, that pattern remains even after the negative forcing function energy that caused the client's problem in the first place has been removed.

Cellular memory is a form of hysteresis. Anchoring a spring to a firm base and putting a weight on it can demonstrate hysteresis. The weight will cause the spring to depress and if you leave the weight on for a long time, when you take the weight off, the spring will not come back up to its original position. . The molecules within the spring have redistributed themselves within the spring and the spring doesn't come all the way back up to where it was originally. The difference is called the hysteresis set. It simply means that the spring has gotten used to the weight being on it and so it tries to revert to that same condition.

In the case of hypnotherapy healing work, once the hypnotherapist has removed the negative forcing function energies causing the client's problem, the problem symptoms can seem to persist in many cases. The subconscious is such a place that it likes to keep doing whatever it was doing before, like the spring.. It obeys the second law of thermodynamics, which says that water runs downhill and current will flow through the circuit in the path of least resistance. In other words nature always takes the easy way. The subconscious does this. Once it has been doing something for a long time it wants to continue doing that same thing because it takes energy to change. The smart hypnotherapist understands this and will make sure that he doesn't end the healing work until he has. corrected for the cellular memory problem. This is usually done by effective and proper reprogramming of the subconscious, which is now possible because the hypnotherapist has removed the bad programs which were installed and supported by the negative forcing function energy.

Since the subconscious mind is actually a computer, it behaves like one. Computers operate on the programs that are on their hard drives. This is particularly true of the subconscious mind which is an analog parallel processing super bio computer and has a virtual hard drive on which all the programs which have been created in all the lifetimes that the client has lived becomes the operating system for the subconscious computer.

Once the hypnotic clearing work has been done on the client and he is free of the negative energies that were behind his problems, the client should be free of his difficulties. Often they are not and the client comes back to the hypnotherapist to complain that the work was not done right. The hypnotherapist has to explain about cellular memory and since the client usually doesn't understand it, he walks away dissatisfied with the hypnosis work.

This problem can be averted if the hypnotist explains to the client when the work is completed that reprogramming is vitally necessary because of cellular memory. Often the client does not want to continue with the reprogramming once he is clear of the negative forcing functions because it costs extra money. But, reprogramming is very very important to the ultimate success of the therapy. Not only does the reprogramming have to be done and done correctly, but the client has to understand that when he has the same symptoms that brought him to the hypnotherapists he should not be discouraged that hypnotherapy does not work. The client can do conscious work to ignore and put behind him the symptoms as though they do not exist and can help the cells get used to their new environment free of the negative forcing function energy.

Often, clients don't realize that once hypnotherapy work has been done, the negative energy is in the past and since it is in the past it must be let go even if the client still feels the symptom. In time the symptom will disappear because the forcing function energy is no longer there as the triggering mechanism for the symptoms. The client must simply learn to ignore and put behind him all symptoms until such time as the cellular memory has been taken care of and then the client can simply enjoy being free of his problems. This does not take a very long time, but it does require sufficient time and the client must be made aware of it for the success of the hypnosis work which is what the client wants.


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