About Reprogramming

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Reprogramming is a very important part of the healing process using hypnotherapy. It must be done correctly and after all clearing is done. Our minds consist of three separate selves: they are:

1. the conscious self, which is the intellect and it can think. It can do analysis, create new programs, make decisions, and all other cognitive actions.

2. The Subconscious Self, which is an analog, parallel processing, super bio computer and it has a virtual hard drive. On this hard drive are all the programs that have been created through all the lifetimes you have ever lived and also exists the energy both positive and negative that created the programs depending upon if the program is a positive or negative program. The integrated summation of these programs constitute the operating system for our subconscious computer. If the integrated summation of these programs are positive, then we have a positive approach to life. If the summation is negative, then we have a negative approach to life.

3. The High Self: which is the divinity that dwells within us. The high self along with the subconscious self constitute the Soul, which is the spirit that dwells within each of us.
All reprogramming is done within the subconscious self, which is the computer that operates our life. That's why it's called reprogramming, because we reprogram the computer that operates our life. This is the computer part of our mind, it can't think like our conscious self because it is a computer and computers don't think. Computers operate off of programs that we reprogram during the reprogramming process.

If the existing program is supported by energy, either positive or negative, you can't simply reprogram by putting a new program in the one that's already there because the energy that supports it and initially installed it is still there. We don't worry about positive programs and positive energy support, but we do worry about negative energy installations and negative energy support because these are the programs that make our lives negative.

So, in order to reprogram negative programs that are already on the computers virtual hard drive, we have to get rid of the energies that installed and support the negative programs. Then we can positively reprogram and expect that the new positive program will remain there. If we don't remove the negative energy that originally installed the program and supports it, then the new positive program will simply evaporate because it doesn't have support that the negative energy program has.

The Quantum Healing and Reprogramming System does this reprogramming properly. It first removes all negative programming and negative energy supporting the negative programs from all layers of consciousness that are contaminated. Once this is done, effective positive reprogramming can be done under deep trance hypnosis using compounding to hammer the new positive programs into the subconscious computer that runs our life. Since the new programs are positive, the operating system for the computer becomes positive and our lives change in a dramatic positive way. The new suggestions are compounded into the subconscious self-memory banks and become the new operating system for our lives. It's not necessary, once the quantum reprogramming process is complete, to have to remember the new suggestions because they are now all part of your mind. They are you and they are automatic and change your life.


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